Friday, October 24, 2008

Would you ask the teacher?

There's one question that's not related to our loss that's been bugging MC for days now.

A mom of one of her classmates came into the classroom one morning, when the teacher was not yet in. She asked if her son's pail is there, found it and began to destroy that pail right in front of the kids. After that, she set the pieces of the pail on the teacher's table.

Let me tell you the background about that pail.

The little boy's got a problem. One could say he's suffering from attention deficit disorder as he wont stay still for even a few minutes. He's with MC's kindergarten and he was a difficult kid during those years, too -- biting, hitting, throwing things around, etc. He couldnt be controlled by anyone at all. He was like that in kindergarten and again, in the school.

Almost everyday, he's starting chaos in the classroom and within the school grounds -- he sometimes leave the school without saying anything, packing his things and declaring school is boring and that he wants to go home, wont do his school works and his homeworks, bugging kids and always been involved in a fight. The teacher told us that they wanted to give the little boy a chance during the parent-teacher meeting, and of course, everybody wanted to give the little boy a chance, but....

The last time that he started a fight with the older boys, the rector of the school gave him a warning. The rector said he's giving him a pail. Everytime he's done something bad, water would be poured in that pail. And when the pail is full, then a decision would be made.

Since that incident with the pail, the boy's never been back to school. I know he's not sick as they live near the house of my in laws and I always saw him playing there or driving away with his mom.

And then that 'pail incident' in front of the kids. My husband wants me to ask the teacher on what action they should make. The thing is, he wants to know as we dont really know what to tell MC about that. What to answer MC.

MC's been retelling the story for days now. She said what that mom did was bad. That shouldnt be done. That something should be done. Well, we agree about that.

So, should we ask the teacher about it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Racquel. First I offer my condolences. I think it's healthy for the kids to go on making drawings for their oma or write letters and pray. On a lighter note, watch the Lion King 1 where Mufasa explained to Simba about the circle of life. Something like when one dies, another life begins.

Vlado&Toni said...

I think you should ask the teacher and just let her know that you want to explain the incident too to MC. Or if not she can explain her kids too what that was all about, I don't think that MC is the only one who has been thinking and talking about that.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

siguro yon bata may sakit, ano ba yon. yon too much aggressive,

ano ba itong name na sickness.
some they bring in sonderschule.

may therapy pa yon bata at take some medicines....

kasi noon meron din cmates si sascha.

hindi ko pa alam, kasi sabi niya na yon isang cmate nya pinapasok na sa sonderschule,

sabi ko, wow.........bright kasi sonderschule.....

ay iba pala, kaya tawag sonder.....

ay oo nga, nakita mo laging kasama sa mom nya, at wlang sakit.

normal, 1-2-3x wla sa school, ipatawag sa teacher, pag wla yon.....

polis na ang resulta?
hindi ba....

kasi dito hindi maka lakwatsa ang bata, time sa school, hindi ba?

Heart of Rachel said...

Perhaps you can tell the teacher that MC is somehow bothered by the incident. It would be nice if she can talk to MC and explain about what happened.