Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enjoying Pajama Time

I love our lazy weekends. When we dont have to go anywhere, when we dont have to rush off to work on something, when nobody would disturb our pajama time.

And yes, we call it pajama time because we would be on our pajamas the first few hours of the morning. Well, the kids would remain in their pajamas until it would be bedtime again, sometimes. I would have loved to keep my pajamas, too, but... I dont know, there would always be someone ringing the doorbell or there would be things to be fetched from our cellar so we adults just have to dress up.

But staying in our pajamas longer make our day start more comfortably. No stress, just a slow awakening to a new, lazy day.

The kids would be in our big bed cuddling with us. It is also a good time to keep up-to-date with what everybody's done and plan to do. It is a chance to tell our stories. There would always be some fights for space or a struggle with the blanket which would surely end up in a tickling match. And of course, there would be shouts of laughter and girly giggles.

Sometimes we would all end up sleeping again. But mostly, the girls would find their own corner in our bedroom to play. That would give us at least an hour, sometimes two, to snuggle and go back to sleep with the lullaby of the girls' soft chuckles and giggly whispers.

Do you enjoy a pajama time, too?


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ja, ja, ja.............akooooooo

alam mo, pagnandito lang ako sa bahay, paglabas ni bernie n kids, soot ko pajama pa,
pagdating daw nila, pajama pa rin daw ako....hahahahhaa

sabi pa ni bernie, what a nice life i have

pag may nagring sa door, ay tanungin ko, pag hindi post, hindi ko i-open, when they need anything.....

i say, pakita klingelt na lang sa iba,

kasi naka pajama pa ako

kumusta na?....ganda sa mga bata, they are still playing.

sa akin, parang balik single life naman ako...

sascha, start his school first next monday, kaiserlautern lang siya,
ang kim ganoon pa rin.

sigi, regards to all........miss din ni kim ang mga bata, so sußßßß daw..

yon, malen nila, nilagay ni kim sa room nya, yon kang miche.

have a nice monday,....

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, it's a treat to stay in pantulog the whole day. The kid enjoy cuddling up to us in cold mornings. All 5 of us would snuggle up to each other on Saturday mornings.

Forever59er said...

Warm ...I feel warm over your post. Snuggling cuddliing images, a happy, young family, pajamas, a big bed -- WARM!

edelweiza said...

no, i seldom wear pajamas, but surely, i'd love to enjoy a lazy day with my family... :)