Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Tribute to Sheila Deyro 1969-2008

No, we were not really close friends, nor were we classmates in high school

I only know Sheila as one of the CAT officers during fourth year

We didnt even move in the same circle of friends, in fact, I was in awe of her

She always stand so tall and so proper esp in uniform during those CAT sessions

I didnt even dream we'd meet again after more than 20 years!

But we did, in a supposed to be, mini reunion with my high school batchmates during our trip to the Philippines this year

It really a mini reunion, as it was only Sheila with her daughter and Cecil with her husband; who came

In those few hours, during a short evening visit with us this February 2008

Right there...Sheila became a big part of my life.

She with her long, curly hair

She with her ready smile and tingling laugh

She who twinkled when she asked me to find a man for her

She who visibly got shocked when my husband asked if her daughter also wanted a boyfriend

Emphatically saying 'No, she's only 14!' But you see, her daughter is also as tall as her. (Malaking bulas)

You wouldnt know they arent sisters! And of course, she almost blushed when we told her that

Almost, because she gave in to laughter

It tickled her to know that she really looks good

Despite the fact that she's been struggling with cancer for a year

But you see, that sickness didnt put her down

It brought her closer to Him. It made her look at the world differently -- with more hope and more love and more laughter.

She have given herself up to the Lord from the moment she realized how difficult her condition would be. And she is open about her faith and I admire her for it.

She enjoyed life. She laughs with her heart. She talks with her eyes. She embraces with strenght. And she makes her friends smile with her quips

And oh yeah, could I ever forget, she wants to look good, our dear Sheila

She dont want to face the camera without flicking her hair here and there

Without retouching her make-up, without puckering her lips -- which brought all of us to laughter and she laugh with us, too

Of course I told her, you dont need to do anything, you already look good

And she does, Sheila looked good.

And those few hours of storytelling and reminiscing, those few hours of giggling like high school girls, those few minutes of pizza sharing, those few minutes of cola drinking, those few minutes of picture taking, and those prolonged goodbyes with loads of hugs and bussies...

Sheila made me feel good. When I should have been the one to make her feel good.

And then the next few days of exchanging text messages... I didnt think she would bother with nurturing new and a long distance friendship at that, but she did.

And she grew in my heart from then on.

We both tried to keep in touch regularly. Until she had to go back to the hospital a few months ago. Her condition worsened. From then on, her number became silent.

I could only hear about news from her from friends and batchmates. I sent prayers her way.

And last Thursday, Sheila left us.

Sheila, the tall girl with curly hair and a ready smile is gone.

But I know, she'll stay in the heart of the people she touched, like me.

Dear Sheila, you have fun, wherever you are!

Blind them with your sparkling smile, dear girl!

Throw them that tinkling laugh, you lovely woman!

Dont forget to flick your wonderful mane, you look great!

And remember, we love you.


Anonymous said...

condolence. I am sorry that a friend went home to be with God. There was a reason why you suddenly became close in the last few months that she was here on earth. God probably thought you would be a positive influence in her life.

Unknown said...

Oh dear... hugs to you my friend. Ano ba 'tong nangyayari, to a certain degree I read about someone's death almost every week...

You know what we're lucky we managed to share those sweet moments with them.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH SHEILA...TNX 4 BEING A GOOD SISTER...I KNOW U DNT WANNA SEE UR LITTLE BROTHER CRY BUT DIS IS HOW I FEEL RYT NOW,IM SORRY...U WILL ALWAYS STAY IN MY MIND AND MY HEART...SEE U IN NEXT LIFE,TAU PA RIN mga friends nang sister ko,maraming salamat sa inyo for all ur love and treasuring her...i know my sister is very happy also for having all of you...RHONEIL DEYRO

raqgold said...

thanks for leaving comments - auee, vk, mahalia

dear rhoneil - i am sure your sister, our friend, is happy wherever she is right now. and i am sure she is proud of her little brother.

Jo Orbin said...

I just now saw this when I was reading your tribute to Anna. I was really very upset when Sheila passed. We grew very close during our CAT days. She was my sidekick, HQ company Ex O. I regret the fact that I didn't get to say goodbye to her. Her last message to me was "Happy Mother's Day" .I didn't even got to reply back because I was too busy. 5 months later she was gone. I've always thought that she could beat cancer just like she survived everything else. I was wrong and it made me realize to take the time to smell the roses. I should never be TOO busy again for a friend.