Monday, June 23, 2008

The Big C

It creeped into our family. The big C.

All along we thought it was another condition, but it turned out to be the big C. What shocked us most was that -- it's been there for two years now. Nope, we didnt know.

And now we know. Would it be better, not knowing?

You see, the one affected doesnt even show any slowing down. Keeping up to appointments, driving to vacations, grocery shopping, mowing lawns, maintaining the daily dose of everday life as it used to be; even with the big C lurking beside every move.

Admirable, really. To keep up with life. As normal as possible, except for the extra doctor appointments. That is not only thinking positive; but living positively.

Now here's another big C.

The C of challenge -- to keep the shocking big C away for as many years away. Or at least, to keep the possible pain of big C to as minimal as possible.

Help us pray.


Anonymous said...

My prayers for whoever is being challenged right now is to be strong, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well.

Best regards.

Forever59er said...

I am sorry Raqgold. The big C is really a spectre, whose shadow haunts all of us. I keep telling myself it's neither in my nor my husband's family. But I guess no one or no family is guaranteed against it.

I have no answer to your question. Is it better not to know? I just abide by God's will. I will still charge knowing or not knowing to God's will. Ay naku.

Be strong, all of you!

an2nette said...

Hi! Raquel, it happened to everybody, rich or poor, of course i'm going to pray whoever had big c in your family, be strong to face the challenge, best regards. 2nette

haze said...

Be brave...keep the faith....I will think about your family. Remember prayers can move mountains!

raqgold said...

julie - thanks, we need prayers.

annamanila - big C was never a known condition in our family, before :( yep, we need to be strong.

antonette - i hope we'll be able to face the challenge bravely.

haze - oh yes, prayers can move mountains. we are brave, i hope all of us would stay brave.

Liza on Maui said...

More prayers to your family from here....


Anonymous said...

i'll include you in my prayers. *hugs*

raqgold said...

liza and meeya - thanks a lot for the prayers.

Vlado&Toni said...

sorry to hear about this , my prayers are with you.