Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ich liebe dich

My playtime English course in a nearby kindergarten came to a close this Wednesday.

Although I was prepared for this day, I didnt realize that the scheduled brown-out would make a chaos out of that day. Read here why.

Anyway, though I arrived a bit late for our last lesson; the kids were excitedly waiting for what that day would bring; just like me.

Since it was the last day, I simply repeated our past lessons just like a review by singing songs and playing games and some surprises (I gave them each a surprise gift and their certificate of attendance), and oh how we played!

I also taught them how to say 'Ich liebe dich' in English ('I love you'). I told them we would surprise the people who would pick them up after the English lesson by saying 'I love you.'

And so after singing our goodbye song, the kids crowded the door and ran to their grandmas, grandpas, mamas or papas - whoever came to pick them up and in a sing song way said 'I love you' and translating those words to 'I love you means Ich liebe dich.'

Oh, even I melted in my own corner while trying not to shed a tear. The first few ones who heard those words were caught in surprise and wasnt even able to respond though I saw them giving the kids big hugs.

But the most touching scene was from V.

She actually whispered to me before going out to meet her papa to repeat the words again and I told her 'I love you.' She was still so very unsure so I said I would bring her to her papa and if needed, would help her say those words. So I held her hands and brought her face to face to her papa who doesnt have an idea why I have to be there, too.

Then with a little prodding from me, V said the words, 'I love you.' And the papa, who's got big muscles and an earring and a shaved head; took her in his arms and said gently, ' I love you, too.' Well, V cried buckets of tears and papa simply held her. I am proud that she get to say those words, as V is one of those who is really so shy when it comes to trying out her English. And with those words, she did it!

And I had to get out of there or else I would be crying, too.

I am going to miss those kids. And I do, I love them, too :)


lovelyn said...

Why did she cry? Something is not right or I'm just not thinking well. Anywaz, this post got me teary eyed too.

Heart of Rachel said...

I could imagine that very touching moment.

raqgold said...

lovelyn - she's a bit emotional because she got to say those words and she's thinking she cant do it :)

rach - oh, that was really touching! everytime i remember it, it gives me goosebumps!

Forever59er said...

I love this post. Made me smile and say "awww shucks."

tintin said...

I really admire you. And now you've made me cry with this post. So touching!

haze said...

Touching Indeed !

raqgold said...

annamanila - that's why i had to blog about it :)

tintin - same here, i cried, too

haze - indeed :)

Anonymous said...

it made your stint so much more rewarding no? look at what a few tentative but heartfelt words can do. :)

Vlado&Toni said...

awwww , that made me cry too :( .. so touching