Saturday, June 28, 2008

Remember, Moms' Have Third Eyes

I always tell the girls, mamas have third eyes.

On our way home after a long drive, MC squealed:

MC: Mama, here is where F and I went around our bike.

We were shocked, my husband and I. Because the said street where MC and her playmate were supposed to be riding their bikes is a part of a busy national road. Plus, we always tell them to drive only around our streets! They dont have any business going that way at all.

Well, we immediately told her that that road is off limits and would remain off limits until we said so. She nodded and said, 'okay, I would also tell F.' Of course, it doesnt stop there.

I was driving and the girls with F, were in the car. MC started telling F that they are not allowed to go biking in that particular road because mama and papa said so. F was surprised that we knew about it. Asking, 'and who told them about it?'

I had to butt-in, 'I always tell MC that all mamas' have third eyes. We know what is happening even though we are not always around. We simply wait for our kids to let us know what they did because it is by doing so that we learn to trust them to do things alone.'

The three girls simply nodded in silence. And I hope those nods also mean they understand what I told them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Raq,
I would have been shocked too! It's a good thing MC told you about it so that you were able to tell them that they are off-limits there.

haze said...

Well I think MC needs your big hug for being honest ;)! At least everything is clear now and F understood as well!

Daisy said...

Moms have third eyes -- and sometimes those eyes are those of caring neighbors and friends. It does, really, take a village.

Vlado&Toni said...

hahahaah :) my colleague and i also tell that to our 17 kids in class

raqgold said...

tina - sometimes you'd think they would know the limits but then you'll discover, hindi pala :(

haze - am glad she told us before something bad could happen. hayyyy

daisy - you are so right, those third eyes from caring friends and neighbors help a lot

toni - see, am not alone :D

Heart of Rachel said...

It's great that MC told you about it. A busy road is not a safe place for kids to go biking. Bless her for being honest.

Anonymous said...

your third eye made me remember a moment with my son =D i'll blog about it sometime.

i'm sure mc would not dare go biking in that place lest she gets caught by your other eye ;)