Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diego is verliebt

I was talking a stroll with the girls when we saw a boy from the neighborhood following two girls on his bike and chatting with them.

MC immediately told me, 'Mama, Diego ist verliebt' (in love).´ With a smile, I asked her why she say that.

She said, 'I know it. I know that he is in love with the two girls.' On which I replied, 'how could he be in love with two girls?'

She pondered my question while observing the three in front of her. And then she nudged me, 'Mama, Diego is in love with the blonde-haired girl only.' She is an observant little girl because that was my bet, too.

But I wonder how she could she know that someone is 'in love'! Hmm...


Anonymous said...

She's really growing up:) Before you know it, she'll be dating. Oh, the horrors...

As for Thomas, he's not allowed to date until he's 21:) Pangarap ko lang.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, wala talagang kawala ang mga bagay-bagay sa mga bata :)

Anonymous said...

hello mommy..sorry long time no visit ako dito but i tried to find all ur links and at last i got them all and paste them all again in all myblogs. dahil sa change change ng theme i lost manylinks and one time my wordpress was hacked so i lost all my saved links too.

hmmm i guess to know love is an inborn thing. :) heheehe


haze said...

Well well we are on the same boat Raqgold, my son told me that he has a secret but he could tell me. And the secret is he has 2 "amoreux" (love). Yay, imagine 5 yrs old :( !

raqgold said...

joanne - hahaha, at least my hubby's saying no dates until the girls are 18, ikaw pala mas grabe pa :D

julie - their eyes and ears are really all over!

arlene - welcome back :) i think you are right, alam nila yon, love is within.

haze - hahaha, two agad! playboy in the making :)