Friday, June 6, 2008

Nail Cutting

So, do you regularly cut the nails of your kids? Well, I do.

I normally cut their toe nails and finger nails twice a week. How would I know that their nails needed cutting already? Because I also cut my nails twice a week. When my nails are already long, then that would mean the kids' nails needed cutting, too.

Yup, I dont need long nails. I have never had use for long nails ever since I can remember. But I sometimes put nail polish on my toe nails; especially during summer when I would have to use those sandals and flip flops and my toe nails would be peeking out.

Going back to the kids, MC confronted a friend on why he is biting his nails. She told him that biting one's nail is not good. The friend answered, 'my mom doesnt cut my nails. ' It turned out he nail bites because he wanted to keep his nails short!

I dont know, would you be too busy not to notice that your kids needed their nails cut? I hope not.

And please, dont be too busy to notice that your kid's runny nose needs to be wiped, too.


haze said...

I am very meticulous on all of these stuffs, I want my kids to be clean in and out :D ! Hygiene reflects a parent's ultimate attention when it come to cleanliness either in itself or his/her surroundings.

Mixednuts said...

I totally agree. I can't stand long nails on my boys. One should never be too busy to cut their children's nails.

Anonymous said...

My son doesn't like his toe nails to be cut. Sometimes I let him be till he notices that the nails are long and it hurts to wear his shoes. Hmph, sabi ko na nga ba eh.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cutting nails, I just did it on Thomas yesterday:) I don't like having long nails - either on myself or on Thomas.

MeMeMe said...

Oh thank you Raq. I have been terrible with Julian's nails. Nagpapabaya. ...

Please say hi to IC for me, from her Tita Jeannie.


Analyse said...

hay naku, louna's biting her nails, so i need to check on her nails all the time, inuunahan ko na hehe..

raqgold said...

haze - hygiene is really very important, we shouldnt forget that.

mixednuts - am glad to know that!

julie - sometimes the girls dont want their toe nails be done, but now they've learned their lessons :D

joanne - see, you also dont need a reminder :D

jeannie - sometimes we forget, but at least you are now reminded :) IC sends you a kiss!

analyse - am glad you know how to cope with it!

Anonymous said...

Mary bites her fingernails. Never really see when she does it so I never get a chance to trim her nails. She used to bite off her toenails, too. (Yes, she is that limber!) She's stopped and I trim her toenails about once every 2 weeks. Mabagal humaba.

ScroochChronicles said...

Yup, I do the cutting regularly. Pero mga once a week lang kasi mabagal humaba yung mga kuko nila.

I'm very picky about nails. Like you.

raqgold said...

marysmom - i think kaya din mabilis humaba yung nails nila is because i cut them two times a week :)

cookie - mabuti pa sa yo hindi ma trabaho, hayy. the girls' nails grow so fast.

Lionel Valdellon said...

I bite my nails because I need something to chew on. Bad habit, I know. But honestly I hated the feeling of my mom cutting my nails when I was a kid. She always cut it too short!