Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear Guests

If you plan to come and stay with us for a few days, please be informed of the following:

1. The bathroom and the guest toilet both dont have locks on them. If you dont want anybody to intrude (anybody meaning the kids); make sure you told them you are inside or you are making noises so they would not barge in.

2. Actually, all our rooms dont have locks on them, so there!

3. There are danger all over our place especially in the carpetted areas where beads, dried leaves, stones etc. might be lurking to pick you sensitive soles. Bring your own house shoes or if you dont have a pair, let us know so we could provide for you.

4. Before taking a sit, make sure that the chair/sofa/couch is empty. There could be dolls, stuff toys, etc that could create uncomfortable feeling on your behind.

5. Ignore the syringes in the bathroom, they are only toys.

6. Dont drink those pink and full of glitters bottles, they are not meant to be consumed as they are only for decoration.
here's the pink bottles
7. Better ask before using those pink shampoo, pink lotion, pink toothpaste and pink soap; or else you might get kicked out of the pink room :D

8. A little bit of muscles wont hurt as you might need to carry the kids all over the place; as their sign of being kind to you.

9. Oh, and you are expected to help a bit like babysit, drive the kids around, shop, clean :D

Well, that's all! I hope you would enjoy your stay with us.

This post is dedicated to LSJ who recently visited us :D


lovelyn said...

Really nice post Mommy Raq, It all sounds sooo familiar...thought you were in my home hehehe. For us, OUR FLOOR/CARPET IS NEVER "EMPTY".

raqgold said...

lovelyn - hahaha, am glad to know that!

Anonymous said...

Your list sounds reasonable. Sign me up:)

raqgold said...

joanne - done :D

haze said...

Well I can clear up the mess, sipag kaya ako !

Analyse said...

much like the same rule here at home too.. no locks, dito din hehe..

raqgold said...

haze - hahaha, but with kids in tow, medyo mahirap yata yon di ba?

analyse - at least we dont seem weird about those locks!