Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear Oma

Dear Oma, please dont cook alone, wait for me or for my mama to help you

Dear Oma, please dont cry in front of me, I dont really know what to do and it hurts me to see you crying

Dear Oma, why do you keep on asking where the opa is? I already told you a hundred times and more that he is in the hospital.

Dear Oma, why do you always want to go home? Dont you know it is better if you are with us and not all alone?

Dear Oma, you could stay with us, I promise I will take care of you

Dear Oma, please drink something, please eat something, please do this for me

Dear Oma, you could also call me if you need something, I am already old enough to do things for you

Dear Oma, please hold my hand because I want to show you something someplace

Dear Oma, could you draw me a flower, could you look for the red crayon, could we stay like this doing things together for a long time?

Dear Oma, please walk slowly, please sit down, please rest, please take care of yourself

Dear Oma, could you cook for us that your special noodle with tomato sauce? I could help you, you know

Dear Oma, what are you doing if you are at home and alone? I worry about you

Dear Oma, are you just on the phone with mama? Was it worry or panic I heard in her voice? I want to talk to you, too

Dear Oma, why did you forget who I am this morning? I was with you the whole night and you knew me then

Dear Oma, I am MC, I am MC, I am MC

Dear Oma, Ich hab dich lieb (I love you)

I am sharing some of the running thoughts buzzing around MC's head that she continually bursts out to me while opa is in the hospital and how our oma, who is suffering from acute alzheimer, is coping with all the changes. MC is really very much affected and I think she's also feeling a bit of the stress we are all feeling. But there is good news, opa would be discharged tomorrow and I am feeling much better. And tonight, the kids are allowed to visit him, a surprise visit! I hope and pray everything would run smoothly.


Anonymous said...

oh my, my prayers and hugs for you and your kids. i hope all will be well and fine soon. and im glad your opa is getting out of the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Virtual hugs to you and your family Raq. I hope and pray everything will be better.

MeMeMe said...

Oh Raq, so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending you hugs and prayers. Hang in there. Your family is so lucky to have you.


raqgold said...

lady cess, i hope everything would be well soon, too. and yes, am glad opa is now back home

julie, i love virtual hugs esp those coming from you :) thanks!

jeannie, and i am lucky to have you visitimg my blog, thanks.

haze said...

Touching, there are unforgettable! Don't worry he's been watched from up there MC :D!

raqgold said...

haze -- too much to think about for a little girl.. but am glad we're being watched up there