Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sea Comes Alive

It was different summer night for the kids when we attended the DLRG open house at Wiesensee in Hemsbach.

It was the night of the lifeguards, our angels of the sea. And it was a night of lights and colors. It was night of wonder, esp for the kids who were allowed to stay up late. Actually, they have been celebrating early in the morning -- with water aerobics, some water rescue actions; with food and drinks.

But we decided to join the fun part and arrived at 8 pm, not yet dark at summer time. We wanted to catch the real show, not prepared for nature's show with the weather as it changed. And changed and changed. It was a fascinating sight. It was fun to capture them.
It looked like rain.
Yet it was warm. And then it could be thunderstorm! Most of us ran for cover when the cloud opened.
And after a few minutes, here's how it looked like. As if nothing happened.
And the sunset.

And the highlight of the night, the torch swimming in the middle of the sea; of more than ten lifeguards, both men and women accompanied by music and fireworks.

And of course, there's also the wish balloon. It is a huge white paper balloon that was powered by heat and blew up, up and away -- and they lightened up the sky to make your wish come true.

Here are more photos, in my new domain that still sleeps :)


Anonymous said...

'love the pic of the sunset.

haze said...

One view with 4 different beautiful outcome ! Enjoy your camping :D !

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

oo nga, kami rin dito, kung free ako, nandito lang sa bahay, kasi ang ulan ng ulan, wholeday,

kung hindi ako free, good weather..

hayyyy....bernie has this week vacation...

monday wieder arbeit na cya.

Anonymous said...

Been to the other home you have :)