Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Viva Cala Mesquida

Our last minute vacation, despite the flight delay, was really a very relaxing one.

For one week, we stayed only within our resort, Viva Cala Mesquida Aparthotel in Mallorca, Spain; it is after all an all-inclusive package (why not take advantage) :D Actually, we wanted to take a short trip after a few days of being stuck in our resort, but the bus leaves very early and the trip back would be too late; renting a car is void as both my husband and I didnt have our driver's licences with us :(

Anyway, there are a lot of things to do and 'not to do' around the resort. You could see us in and out of the restaurant for our meals; carrying drinks and snacks from the bars into our pool lounges; swimming, relaxing and playing around the pool area; strolling around the shops and the beach area, stepping into our hotel room to take a break, dress up and sleep. Accompanying the girls to the kiddie disco every night (yes, every night!) and sometimes, watching the night shows if the kids arent too tired to stay up late.
This is how the hotel facade looks like. This is indeed, a very large complex of hotel. They even have an exclusive club which is located in front of the beach; there are always two show stages simultaneously playing different programs every night, there are more than four swimming pools ( I stopped counting at four), there are more than four restaurants, and loads of facilities and activities lined up to keep everyone from babies to adults, busy.

This is the pool area, I took this photo from the restaurant which is located a few floors up. See the ever present lifeguard in white? He's watching over those lounge chair grabbers, hehe. It is fun to stay around the pool around as there's water activities for both kids and adults alike. Everyday, my husband and I took part in the late morning water aerobics -- before grabbing our plates for our buffet lunch.

This is the beach area, you would see the hotel compound in the background. The rent of the lounge chairs and a beach umbrella is way too much, 4.25 euro per lounge chair for a day use; and we used those things for almost 2 hours only!

That's our view from our balcony. The beach area and the dune. Nice, noh?
The sunrise. Taken before 7 am from our hotel's balcony.
And here are the girls, who as usual, dont want to go back home anymore :D


Berto and Kwala said...

wow! looks like you're booked in a great hotel... no wonder the kids loved it. it would have been better if you had the chance to explore outside the hotel... maybe next time hehehe =)

hope you had a great time!

lovelyn said...

A week off from the usual stuff is a "good vacation" itself. Nice photo on the sunrise.

Anonymous said...

wow! super ganda raq! i understand why the kids don't want to go home.

tintin said...

Oh, I'd love to be on vacation right now. Looks totally divine!

Wenchie said...

Hi Raquel, those pics sure looked good. I bet your kids enjoyed the kiddie disco.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

ganda nga! i want to go there too!

Anonymous said...

wow..ang ganda naman dyan..talagang uber exclusive!

Analyse said...

and who would want to go home with a paysage like that?

raqgold said...

karen, since it is only a week vacation, staying within the hotel premises the whole time was still tolerable :)

lovely, you are right. sometimes a short visit to the next city is enough as a break

lady cess, they wanted to go back to dive solana in batangas, actually :D

tintin, if only we could stay on vacation forever, but that's a nice dream only

rowena, they dont want to be absent during kiddie disco!

hailey, am sure you'll find better places in pinas, am sure i would ;D

cookie, we werent allowed in the uber excluive club, bahala sila, hehe

analyse, i also dont want to go home but i dont have to say it out loud, hahaha

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi raq,

nice to know, enjoy na enjoy kayo sa vacation nyo, lalo na sa mga bata.

oo nga ano..last time nandoon kami sa turkey....kaming 3 nagsabi, hindi kasama si sascha, hindi na siguro babalik doon, kung free...ok....lol

sa umaga, siguro hindi pa gising ang tiglinis or sino....yon pool, reserve na yon laying chairs...naka plastar na yon mga towel, means occupied na.

tapos ang daming r----n----naku, lalo na sa kainan, kasi all inclusive....hay, naku....
masarap naman ang foods n service nila.

kaya, bad experienced, sabi pa hindi daw lang doon....

advice ngayon, magbook na lang daw sa 2-3 stars hotel, kasi sa 5-4 stars hotel nandoon sila....lol

ito rin ang experience namin, kaya mabuti pa sa pinas or any sa Asia na lang, ano?

thnks for sharing your vacation photos.
ang ganda ng sunrise pics.....


raqgold said...

vk - you are so right, mabuti na lang sa pinas o kaya kahit saan sa asia kasi parang mas relax pa dun mag bakasyon unlike here in europe napaka stressful dahil daming uncontrolled things like yung sa buffet at sa poolside, tama ka

Vlado&Toni said...

wow the hotel looks very nice and has lots of extras... you're lucky to get such a good deal for a last minute offer, especially with a view of the sand dunes and beach. i'm sure the kids loved it!