Friday, August 15, 2008

To do before leaving for a last minute summer vacation

Well, I had to emphasize 'last minute summer vacation' because I already had my list of things to do before leaving for a long vacation; and there is definitely a big difference.

Number one, because this vacation was really a last minute decision; thus we dont have enough time to inform people; number two because it is summer vacation, most of the people we know are already on a vacation!

And here is my list:

1. Find out who could harvest the ripe fruits and veggies in the garden. This is the most important thing this summer as our garden is really giving us a bounty of colorful fruits and veggies that couldnt wait for us to be picked. It would be a pity if we let them rot!

2. Who could water the plants? We couldnt simply rely on the rain as we also have loads of growing things in our green house. We needed someone to water the plants.

3. The mailbox should be emptied. We dont want to be opening wet mails nor we dont want important documents to be lost.

4. Cancel newspaper subscription.

5. Make sure the sump pump would be turned off when thunderstorm warnings are up. Nope, we definitely dont want to go home to a flooded house. But since our tenants would be at home most of the time, they have agreed to watch out. They should, too, as they would also be affected if anthing happened.

6. Turn off all the unnecessary switches and unplug.7. Clean the house. Good thing we just changed our bedsheets.

8. Mow the lawn.

9. Try to pre-wash the used kitchen utensils. And leave the dishwasher a little open so that it would not stink.

10. Check that all lights are off, all windows/slides and doors closed; especially the awning should be turned to manual.

11. And dont forget to empty all the garbage bins before leaving.12. Give our travel info to trusted individuals for our airport transfer and just in case.
Okay, Mallorca here we come!


Anonymous said...

Pwede ako nalang mag harvest ng garden??? hehe.

I hope you're able to finish the to-do list before you leave. You don't want anything to worry you while away.

Enjoy Mallorca! It must be a glorious place. :)

haze said...

Wohoo, a new escapade na naman ! We'll wait for the pictures and kwento ! Have fuuuuunnnnnn !

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

kung malapit tayo, volunteer ako sa pick-up something in the

bitaw, i do all what you´ve write here,,,,,,,,,,kaya lang ang layo....

cgi, happy vacation n enjoy it.