Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hurra, der opa ist da!

Hurray, the opa is back home!
Look at the happy faces of oma and opa. I took this photo this evening. It's as if nothing major happened. And I am glad everything seems to be well. I am sure oma and opa is really happy to be together again; and we are ecstatic that they are together again.

But let me tell you first about yesterday.

MC was a happly but little bit offended yesterday when she heard that opa's coming home today. It turned out that papa promised to bring her to the hospital for a visit.

Since we were not really sure if kids are allowed to visit that ward, we didnt really asked. I for one, havent even visited him; since I was sick the whole time that opa was in the hospital. And though we talked to him on the phone, a visit would be something else.

On an impulse, I asked my husband to call and ask if the kids are acome. When the answer was yes; we picked my husband at the train station and drove to the hospital. And here are some photos to share:
To be frank with you, I was really amazed that opa is up on his feet. He's really fit and in a good mood. In fact, I wouldnt know we are visiting him in a hospital after a major surgery; and he showed me where it was and the cut was really huge -- if not for the smell and the beds! He's raring to go home.
Let me let you, he was operated on last Thursday only. And here I am, with my sickness that caught me that very same day, still making me a bit tipsy most of the times. I should be really ashamed of myself. In fact, opa asked me first if I am okay! What an amazing recovery for our 87 year old opa!

I guess it helps that opa is a very active man, being old doesnt stop him from cultivating his own huge garden of fruits and vegetables. He is always on his hands and feet, doing something. Always busy. And he does love to go on holidays driving with the oma; meeting some of his soldier friends.

And of course, having his love of his life, the oma; holding his hands all through out all their journeys in life is a big factor in creating a happy and healthy life for him. Plus of course, the grandchildren who make him feel younger and his children who hopefully, could provide him some of his extra needs :)

Thank you very much for all those who prayed for our family. God bless us all.

P.S. Noticed the girls' are with face paintings; they had a party in kindergarten today!


Bette said...

hurrah indeed! glad he's up and about already. hope you are too.

btw, the first photo, ang sweet nila!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raqgold,

Great news that he's up and about. I always have a soft spot for my late grandfather as I'm sure your kids have with theirs.

haze said...

Glad that he's all well now and that he will enjou the summer with the whole family. That's the power of prayer :D !

raqgold said...

bem - they are always so sweet to each other, kaya naman kapag nag asaran sila, ganun din, hehe

joanne - great news indeed. the girls are happy, as we are, too

haze - he's up and about and i hope he wont tire himself

Anonymous said...

Great news, Keng! Malaking tinik ang nabunot sa lalamunan mo siguro. Things could have gone so wrong, but they didn't.
Everyone looks so happy, as they should be.

raqgold said...

megamom - you are so right. it is time to be happy.