Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not really 'viva'

What else can I say? I've been hearing the word 'viva' during our one week vacation in Mallorca, Spain, thus the title :)

It was a vacation that started off with hours of waiting. Actually, not really a 'viva' kind of thing.

We arrived early at the airport as the kids were too excited to sit still. And then arriving at the check-in counter to learn that the flight would be four hours late! Four hours, yet we took it cooly, it is supposed to be the start of a relaxing vacation!

Anyway, we got a coupon for a free dinner at the nearby airport hotel. And although it was only 4 pm, our flight was supposed to take off at around 7 pm (meaning we'd be waiting for an 11 pm take off), we decided to ride the shuttle to the hotel. The kids needed space to play around and the airport isnt the right place.

Well, we stayed at the hotel lobby bar, paid for our refreshments and let the kids play and draw. And when it was announced that dinner's ready, we strolled to the restaurant, had dinner -- taking everything in stride. At 8 pm, I told my husband I want to ride the bus back to the airport. I simply wanted to move, you know what I mean?

The kids were being a good sport, finding something around to get them busy. But when it was already 11 pm and there's still no announcements nor movements around... arrrgh, it is really getting frustrating. Loading time was was a few minutes before midnight -- when it was announced, the passengers (who are still awake) applauded and cheered.

Well, by that time, the kids are already cranky and just wanted to sleep. Me, too!

How did we manage to keep up without breaking down?

1. The kids have with them their toys and some drawing materials to get them busy
2. We took everything in stride, joking about it
3. Looking forward to our relaxing holiday and listing out the things we would do made every waiting hours a breeze, well, almost

If you want to know what your rights are when flights are delayed, read here.


Analyse said...

im sure you're having a blast under the sun.. enjoy!!!

raqgold said...

we're back in germany na, analyse. alam mo naman, bawal mag blog kapag asa bakasyon kaya ngayon lang ako hirit mag-kwento :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nauwi na kayo?

sus akala ko sa news yon....hay,

pero ang daming namatay ano?
Sad to know the news, n how the family feels........

OO ganyan, parang routinary na yon Delay nila, ganoon, almost or 99% palagi ganyan.
i would say, 99% kasi palaging ganyan ang flight namin....

minsan pa, sa ibang plane pa tayo

mahirap pag may mga batang maliit, kasi yon.......

minsan nkatamad.....

ganoon nga, vacation to relax, kaya lang stress din.

pagdating sa hotel or place, hope na yon Ads nila,
minsan pagdating,,,,,,,,,ay no comments na lang.

so, Welcome home again........

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay nakita mo ang taco´s salat ko?

yon ang gawa ko the last nandito kayo, kaya lang maliit yon gawa ko kasi kami lang 4.........

sigi, happy sunday dyan,
at thnks sa visit ha?

kuss sa mga bata,..,,,,,

haze said...

Delayed flight, that's terrible but I think I prefer to have delayed flight that losing a baggage :D !

raqgold said...

vk - yes, saw your taco salad; and i cook it also here, sarap kasi e. as for that plane in madrid, i saw that on tv when we are in spain but i had to turn off the tv as i dont want the kids to see it. and yes, i heard almost 99% of the flights to mallorca 's late :(

haze - oh yeah, i agree with you. i dont know what i would do when our luggages would be lost, waaa

Heart of Rachel said...

I hate the thought of delayed flights especially when you have children along. I admire how the girls were good sport through it all. It really helped that you brought toys and art materials with you.