Friday, August 8, 2008

On Weddings and Friendships

Today is 08/08/08 and like most of the good numbered dates -- people in love flock the churches and the city halls for weddings; and this is also true for a close friend. Today is the wedding day of one of my good friends, B.

Oh yeah, she's had her civil wedding in Manila last year; within a close circle of family only, her family. I learned about it from a friend, too, after the ceremony. Crazy to know it a little later, after all, we used to plan our 'weddings' before we even found anybody to wed us :)

And now that she's in Canada with her husband, they are again celebrating their togetherness with a wedding; this time with her family and her husband's family. I dont really know anything about her wedding plans -- dont even know about the color of her dress, if there would be flower girls and an entourage; where the reception would be; what church. I really know, huh - why not, you ask me?

Because what I really care about is that she's finally found someone to love and to love her unconditionally. I havent even met the guy that is now holding her hands; that is giving her warm embraces; that is giving her 'those looks' -- all I know is that she is with someone who deserves her love and who deserves to love her in return. All I want to know is that she is happy with him. And in love with him.

Of course I am sad that I am not there to help her prepare for the wedding. To go around and look for the right dress, the right pair of shoes, the right make up, the right hair style.. whatever! I am disappointed that I am not there to throw her a shower party. I am sad that I wouldnt be there to watch her march the aisle. I am mad that I wouldnt be there at the reception to tell everyone what some 'nasty rumors' about her are true, hehehe. Well, who am I to rant when you were also not here with me when I got married; but at least you were present during our Manila wedding :)

But you know what, as I said, we used to plan our weddings before; right down to the date and the time; plus of course, the list of candidates :) And that's enough for me. We shared our wedding dreams; actually, we shared even our deepest secrets and that is good enough. We have a friendship that I know would last forever - despite the long distance.

Thus, my wedding gift for both of you -- unconditional friendship sprinkled with great memories and filled with happiness and love. Today, we are thinking of both of you.

B and K, be happy both of you. I am sure you're being together is a blessing from Him.

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