Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Letter to a Friend 'B'

Photo: With B in Burgoo at The Podium 2006
I am sharing to you a letter I sent to a very good friend. B and I have been friends for more than 15 years, despite the distance and the long years of not meeting eye to eye. Our friendship is a proof that words bring also warmth and love through emails, chats, webcams, snail mails and especially the meaningful, golden silences in between.

16 December 2006

It made my day when I got your email that you are finally getting your wish of a December wedding, congratulations, dear friend.

But then I also got to be a little melancholy because I know, I wouldn’t, couldn’t be there to witness that event. I guess, talo talo na lang tayo, hahahaha!! At least, I was there with you when we were planning our weddings, that would be late 80s. Ang tagal ng realization natin ano pero at least coming true.

So pano na ngayon? To follow ang aming gift. Here’s a gift that I can give you for sure – a friendship that would never fade away. How am I sure of that? Secret! Secret sa iba pero sa ating dalawa, sempre hindi. Few samples would be covered well by the following word/s:

- the revenge of the storck, vi's haven, batcave, cafe sluggo, breakwater, tagaytay, ma-ting-obnial-girl, wang lenght, golden buddha, nagpapatukso, sinasabotahe, si jessica, patpong, trellis, blind dates...
-These are words spoken as we dream our impossible dreams that almost all are coming true sa breakwater, sa tagaytay, sa u-warehouse, sa l&j, sa mga cheap bars or sa mga sossy tindahan, etc, etc, etc… Ah basta, you know that already, nothing…

Have a wonderful wedding. We are thinking of you on this day… I hope to meet K soon, too! K meets K, that would be another chapter. Sa totoo lang, magpasalamat kamo sya na malayo ako kasi baka nasabotahe pa lovelife nyo, hahaha. I love you dear friend. I hope I can share with you a few mature words, like, married life is different but heavenly, and having kids would turn your life up side down but it would be worth it all – pero I simply cant coz I am still learning, too. Mahirap maging mature, kaya sige na nga lang, let’s keep being child at heart, mas maintindihan tayo ng mga bata at kung di ka maintindihan ng asawa mo, edi belat na lang sya, yan ang aking philosophy in keeping my maturity.

And we live happily ever after…Take care,
Note: B is now married to a Canadian, she would soon be leaving Manila to join her husband.

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