Saturday, July 14, 2007

MC's Thoughts

While on our way to bring MC to her playmate's house yesterday, she mentioned that she finds it cool to have her and her sister's photo in the internet. (She meant my contributions at PinoyMomsNetwork)

Then I asked her, 'dont you find it good that mama can actually work at home?'

In which she answered bluntly, 'no, because then you wont have time to play with us anymore.'

Ooops! In which I tried to placate them that if they wanted to play with me, they can approach me. If it is possible, I would immediately stop whatever it is that I am doing during that time. But if not, they might have to wait for a few minutes, but I am definitely joining them in play.

I think that was a good deal because both kids happily skipped the rest of the way.

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