Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Madness - All About Food!

It's Monday Madness and it begins with questions about food.

1. Are there any weird "food rules" you have? Feel free to list as many as you like.
Something from childhood, I remember I cannot eat without having a fish sauce with calamansi dip on the side.

2. When you were growing up, what ONE thing did your parents always remind you of, when it came to meal time (or cooking)?
Wash your hands!

3. Is there anyone you know whose food you won't eat (for one reason or another)?
Hmm, yes, but not because of the taste; it is because of hygiene. The kitchen is too dirty, as well as the plates and utensils.

4. Is there anything you "specialize" in cooking, that people actually ask for?
Chilli con Carne

5. When you were growing up, what one meal do you remember as being your favorite?
All kinds of soup. I just love the rice swimming on them.

6. Today, what is your IDEAL meal?
Green salad, a portion meat and rice, then an ice cream for dessert.

P.S. Homeworked is one of the featured sites in Monday Madness.


Arlene said...

hehehe, i can remember my mom keep nagging me to wash my hands too when i was younger:)

raqgold said...

di ba :-)