Thursday, July 5, 2007

Some Things About Me...

Am I resorting to tags just because I saw this in Vicky's blog.

5 jobs i've had
  1. editorial assistant
  2. travel writer
  3. hotel and resort sales and marketing executive
  4. hotel PR manager
  5. English teacher and marketing consultant
5 movies i will watch over and over
  1. Nothing Hill
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Babe

5 models of cars i've had

  1. Mercedes Benz SL 500 (our first car together)
  2. Peugot 407 (our family car)

5 places i have lived

  1. pasay city, philippines
  2. puerto azul beach resort, ternate cavite
  3. bangkok, thailand
  4. pattaya, thailand
  5. germany

5 TV shows i like to watch

  1. RTL news
  2. Perfect Dinner
  3. CSI
5 places i have visited in the Philippines
  1. cebu, iloilo
  2. ilocos norte
  3. boracay, romblon
  4. la union, baguio
  5. cagayan de oro, davao, south cotabato

5 places i've have had visited overseas

  1. france
  2. spain
  3. italy
  4. penang, malaysia
  5. kleinwalsertal, austria
5 websites i visit frequently
  4. PinoyMomsNetwork
  5. esprit online shop

5 favourite food

  1. indian butter chicken with pita bread
  2. chicken tikka masala
  3. thai matsaman curry
  4. grilled spareribs
  5. sinigang

5 drinks i enjoy

  1. fresh buco juice
  2. green mango shake
  3. San Mig Cali
  4. tequila gold
  5. sago at gulaman
5 places i'd rather be right now
  1. sunning in boracay
  2. joining the full moon party in Ko Pangan Beach, Thailand
  3. hiking in the mountains of kleinwalsertal, austria
  4. watching the concert of a popular band
  5. having dinner with the whole family in the Philippines

5 songs i like listening to

  1. rick segreto's dont know what to do
  2. side a's foolish heart
  3. my kids' rain, rain go away
  4. pop's fallin'
  5. my kids' pippi longstocking's version
I am tagging you! As mitch said, tags are subtle ways to know more about someone, without being so curious about it :-) if you want my curiosity satisfied, please let me know!


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting things about yourself. I like memes because it gives you an opportunity to share different aspects about life.

You're lucky you've been to many wonderful places. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Extra ako ah hehe! O di ba it's the safest polite way to know somebody else's personal info hehe! :p Hala joke lang baka wala ng sumagot sa tags ko. :p

raqgold said...

h of r - it is also fun travelling the memory lane thru memes. have a good weekend, too.

m - what else can i say ;-)