Monday, July 16, 2007

A must read for moms: PMN ezine

After a long lazy years of trying to convince myself that 'I dont think that I can write anymore,' I am finally back to writing. Oh yes, I am. And enjoying it, too. It was a relief to discover that my life as a mom and wife is worth writing for. Therefore, I signed up as a contributing writer to the new must read ezine for moms,

I was so excited to become a part of this group that my enthusiasm and actual experiences turned into 'good' ideas which fortunately, became usable articles. I joined Home and Garden under Noemi and Food and Dining with Connie; but since I cannot resist sending Dexie (Lifestyle and Fashion) my proud mama items, you might just one day see me there, too. And then the Travel section by Melissa opened up, I have loads of stories to share here, so...

My first story landed at the Home and Garden Section, about our koi pond.

New potato theme appeared next in Food and Dining. Then I shared about our garden, too.

And at this time, two articles of mine are posted. For home and garden I discussed hangers and for travel, I talked about MC being prone to motion sickness and some tips to avoid the condition.

Now, come and visit us.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for contributing. I will use all your articles but will just space them so others can also be featured. they are so insightful. It makes me want to visit you. haha

raqgold said...

hi noemi -- you are very welcome, i am totally enjoying myself. why not come and visit?