Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got mail!

My friend B's reply reached me via email after her wedding. I asked her permission to make this public because I wanted to keep the words safe for future readings, especially for my kids. I want them to know and remember Tita B. For thos who are wondering what this is all about, please read.


Hi dok!

Uy, natanggap ko na yung letter mo. Naiyak naman ako don...thanks, ha.

Oo nga no, dami nating pinagsamahan. Come to think of it, para lang tayong mga batang laging naglalaro noon. We were such carefree souls before and it was good. Kaya lang ang tanong ko, di ko yata maalala si jessica at ang golden buddha... parang si jessica ba has something to do with --- (names striked out for obvious reasons) and the golden buddha is -- (again, no names for obvious reasons)? hahahaha, hula ko lang.

You made me think back to all our happy days together. And as I did, parang narinig ko ulit yung tawanan natin at ang ating mga takbuhan para di tayo mahuli sa kalokohan natin (remember the revenge of the storck?) hahaha. It's an understatement to just say we had fun together. I dont know what word could express those times, dok.

Well, now things have changed for us. Well, ikaw matagal na and it took quiet some time for me to follow suit. But I'm happy for both of us. I think we deserve what we have now. Naging mabait naman tayo (pwera na lang dun sa mamang naka-wig sa makati supermart). I think we have been good friend to others, a good daughter to our parents and we've not forgotten to pray. ganyan talaga ang buhay.

We move on to the next chapter, hoping that the experiences in the previous ones are what will guide us through. It was so nice to share my life with you then and I look forward to sharing the rest of our stories together for life...Hindi na nga lang tayo ang bida, meron na ring ibang bida. Gone are the days na sasakay lang tayo ng LRT para manira ng relasyon ng ibang tao. Now we have our own to take care of (and hopefully not allow anybody to destroy like we did those poor couples at monumento mall -- hahaha).

O sige, super nostalgic naman ata itong dating ng aking kasulatan sa yo. Ikaw kasi nauna eh. Sana in the future we can plan an escapade together.. just the two of us. Pero siguro by then hindi na takbuhan at hihipan ng wig ng may wig ang aatupagin natin. Siguro mas demure na tayo by then...

Love you too, my friend.


P.S. Hugs and kisses to your girls and H

Note: Those couples in Monumento never actually realized we were already destroying their relationships. B and I just love creating stories which we surmise from their behavior towards each other. Just another people watching thingy.

Another note: Imagine, B cannot remember the other meaningful details? Thus I warned her that she better stick with me kasi I have secrets then :-)

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