Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Our Neighbors

In my previous blog, I talked about our friendly childless neighbors.

Well, the old man is now back in the house, after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. When before he used to be the movement of the household, he now confined in his hospital bed, at home. I dont really know what's happening inside the house. All I know is that my husband told me that a Polnish woman is taking care of the couple.

Their relatives are also too old to care for them, although, I see them almost everyday. Thus, whenever I catch their relatives going in and out of the house, I always try to ask about the couple. The man is doing well, if you can say that with his condition. But it is now the woman who seem to have a broken spirit. She needs her walking sticks to walk a short path around the house. She wont go out anymore, even to tend to her flowers which she love so much. She refuses to eat. And for the last days, had even soiled her pants. Sad, isnt it?

I dont want to discuss their plight in front of the kids, though. Just yesterday, the opa asked me about them and I told him what I heard and the kids started prying me, 'what was that again, mama?' I simply told them that our neighbors are both old and too sick already.

And then comes my dilemma. I wanted to visit them, I really do. The thing is, I dont see anyone from the neighbors coming near them. That's not what's bothering me though; my question is -- what is the etiquette here when visiting a sick neighbor? I asked my husband, he said, nothing! Thus, I can certainly visit. We both agreed, though, to spare the kids. I think it would be too much for them, at this stage.

Now MC said that she saw the woman in the terrace with a walking stick. And she asked me, 'mama, why does she need a walking stick now?.' I explained to her that she is sick. Then I asked her if she said a friendly 'hello' to our neighbor.

When she nodded, I gave her a big smile and said 'you're the best.' I further explained to her that the couple are both so sick, they would need all the 'hellos' and the 'smiles' they could get. Meanwhile, I must show my face next door, soon.

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