Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coming and Going

Yipee, the summer is coming. Finally, after more than a month of rain and thunderstorms and hailstorms. Okay, we are waiting to get wet, but bad weather not included. We wanted to go swimming, out in the sun. The kids wanted to splash into their wadding pool and sit in their sandboxes. We wanted to spend a few days roughing it out, camping. We wanted to spend the early morning with a barbecue party and end the late evening with a barbecue party. We wanted to walk to the ice cream shop for our refreshing desserts. We wanted the plastic flower to dance. We wanted to water the plants and get hosed down, too. Temperature watch for this weekend -- up to 37 warm. Let me find my two piece suits, whoah -- I need to know if I still would fit in. I am busy tucking my tummy, oooomph!

And tomorrow, we are going to watch a comedy show in one of the castle parks near our place. This is my birthday gift to my husband. A rare date this would be -- only me and my husband. We deserve this. The last time we took off alone, it was to attend a meeting in kindergarten, that was an hour together, sorrounded by least two dozen parents. Before that, my best estimate was a hundred years ago :-) Ok, maybe two years ago? I cant remember anymore. That is why I am so excited. My sister in law and her husband's coming over to babysit. Both of them are favorite playmates of the kids. The girls told me already this morning, over breakfast, why they cannot join us. Papa already informed them that the show is only for adults; not for small children. So I guess, they are already primed for tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that everything would be alright. As the first one who would balk about skipping the show (if he'll hear one of the girls' crying in protest, wanting not to be left alone) would be my husband; he cant take it when the kids are alone with other people. What more if they are in tears and alone with 'strangers.' Even though it's his sister who'll be with them. Oh well... Let's wait and see.

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