Monday, July 9, 2007

He Made Me Think

My husband is really not at peace in his job. As mentioned earlier, he already brought home from the office his most cherished possession -- the framed photos of the kids. That was last weekend, and during that time, he jokingly said 'he might not go back to work anymore.' During that time, too, I didnt question his thoughts. He didnt mention it again. In fact, he went to work today.

And then arriving home, when I told him about my day, he made me think when he left me with these words 'I might give my notice for this December, I am thinking of becoming self-employed.' And then he went out with MC to start again their training -- running!

What am I supposed to do with those words? Nothing. I am not one to get worried because of some cryptic words. I am sure we would be able to talk about his plans and what's bothering him. I cooked dinner, set up the table and played a bit with IC while waiting for the papa and child team to come back.

They arrived in good humor, wet with sweat and smiling. Papa even took time with IC on her training bike. Then we slowly ended the day. We had dinner. We watched the news. We planned our vacation to the Philippines for early next year. No more mention about my husband's other life changing plans. I wont push him. He would talk about it when he is ready. Meanwhile, I refuse to worry, period!

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