Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Love Story: Vi and Monch

Two of my friends are getting married. I'll make it clearer, they are getting married to each other. Vi, a former officemate who became a good friend because she's so easy to tease yet doesnt make a fuzz out of it mostly because she hides behind her stubborn femininity. And Monch, a classmate in college who despite being sometimes 'masungit' and a real no-nonsense guy -- is a reliable presence during difficult times, easy living, sad moments and fun gimmicks.

Who would have thought they would end up being together? I guess, it entered my mind when they met again. But much, much earlier? I mean, the future groom admits that he doesnt even remember meeting her before!

Oh well, twist of fate. They met again last year, during a dinner get together set up by my college friends to meet with some balikbayan friends - that would be me and my family and Taris, who works in Abu Dhabi. Taris, who is also a college friend, and I, used to worked together in the same company where Vi used to work. Vi and Taris meet earlier that day, and Vi, wanting to meet me and my family, tagged along. There, Vi and Monching, got to sit together... And lived happily ever after. I wish both of them happiness and love and more blessings from Him.

Since I could not be there in person, I would definitely be there in spirit -- through the teary eyed guests during march to the altar, the chuckles during the 'kiss the bride', the smiles and scrambling for places during the photo shoots, along the long lines to greet and kiss and hug the bride and groom, munching spiritedly when the buffet opened, most probably when a glass breaks during the request for kisses, and would without fail, be soulfully dancing the night away, too. Check out their wedsite.

I wish I may, wish I might...

PMN Corner: My artistic girls' artworks are on the spotlight at Pinoy Moms Network's Artistic Tots.


Anonymous said...

Hi Raq,
Loved your post at PMN about the Farm Produce fan. I'm such a big fan too. I have yet to write about it from our angle here in the North East.
Take care!

raqgold said...

hi KK -- thanks. i cant wait to read your version, am sure you'll be having difft veggies, it's good to compare. take care, too.