Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Madness

Oh, I had to think twice about my answers, but here's my share:

1. Do you feel that children these days are disciplined enough?
I think kids are more spoiled than before; but I guess this is not just because of the family as whole. Commercialism and all the readily available media are making them create a need that should not be there at all.

2. What are your thoughts about the "time out chair?"
It doesnt work for my kids. If I ask them to go for a time out, they refuse and would end up screaming and kicking. What I do is gather them in my arms, talk about what happened, why it is not good, and share the consequence of the action. Saying sorry and telling them that they are loved but that the bad action was not loved is always a part of the gentle lecture. I have nothing about the time out chair, especially if it works for the others. After all, different strokes for different folks.

3. When YOU were a child, what form of discipline did your parents use most often?
Ouch, my father uses his belt and my mom pinches us, ouch again.

4. Did your parents have to constantly remind you of the guidelines they set for you, or did they just have to LOOK at you as a "gentle" reminder?
Most often than not, they just give us the look; when it wont work, then we get the attention getting 'voice'.

5. What are your thoughts about screaming kids in public places?
When I was not yet a mom, I thought that that those kids are spoiled rotten; I find it horrible and embarrassing. But now that I am a mom, it was a hundred percent turn around. You really cannot help it when the kids go into fits of tantrums. When this happens to me with the kids, I dont care what other people say, I focus mainly in trying to calm down my kid.

6. What do you feel is the BIGGEST mistake parents make when it comes to disciplining children?
When they shout at their kids in public. I specially hate it when I hear them speak to their kids in words that even an adult wont want to hear.


Anonymous said...

Di ako nakatikim ng palo sa daddy ko, pero usap ng masinsinan naman ang style nya, mas masakit sa dibdib kesa sa palo.

Ang mommy ko ay grabe. Alam mo yung pamalo ng langaw, yung handle sawa ang pwet ko dun, kaya pati yung butas na pangsabit eh hulmado sa pwet ko hahahaha!

raqgold said...

ay tama ka, i use that usap ng masinsinan with the kids now -- kapag they hear my tone, naku, di na nila alam kung ano gagawin nila.

natawa naman ako sa nanay mo, i can imagine! may friend naman ako, yung waling tingting naman ang pamalo ng nanay nya, aray!