Thursday, July 5, 2007


Photo: My mini cook

I promised to un-blog myself after taking the test.

Imagine, I got 75%! Meaning, I am almost into deep - really addicted with blogging. How ever did I manage to clean the house, feed the kids, wash and iron clothes, play with the kids, exchange words with my husband -- these past weeks? That would mean I have only 15 % left for them? Huh, that woke me up a bit. Good thing I discovered this test when I am only in my first month of 'really' blogging.

I've said, I wanted to tone it down fast into at least 50%, that would be a fair figure for now. And I started today. The day started routinely: brought the kids to kindergarten then I got home. I ignored the waiting dish washer because I had to sort the dirty clothes first. After this first chore, I wanted to take a break. Thus, went a-blogging.

That took most of the mornings before I had to pick up the kids from kindergarten. Actually, I am also working on some articles (but that's not an excuse, huh). Coming home, I cooked for the kids who decided to use their down time by watching the tv. We talked a bit after lunch, before I excused myself for I wanted to start the washing machine rolling.

Another chore, another excuse to take a break -- by blogging. Then I've decided -- that would be all for this afternoon. Notice, I said, this afternoon (it's evening now and am back again). I even turned off the computer, to kill the urge for a quick blog hopping or shopping whatever it is called.

Kids and I strolled to the public library. We must return the books and DVD they borrowed, and they wanted to have new books to bring home. We passed by the bakery for some doughnuts and fresh bread, before going home. The washing is finished, the dryer's turn. Should be that after a chore, a blog break, but not this time. I am resolute. Kids and I got busy doing some art works -- origami, cutting shapes, coloring them. (I discovered I need an origami guide book, I can only remember how to create a hut, a boat, a plane, and how to fold meaning 'I Love You').

My break this time was to fetch the clothes from the dryer and fold them. And then it's time to prepare dinner. I asked the kids if they wanted to help me with dinner. Oh, they do! IC took her place near the basin while MC stayed before the stove, using a stool so she can reach the table. I chopped the meat and she placed them in the already hot pan. She stirred and spiced, and added the ingredients step by step, as I dictate. MC even transferred the finished dinner into the waiting bowl, all alone! IC got busy by simply passing things to us.

And then, MC volunteered to set the table, assisted by her sister, IC. Oh well, I dont have to do anything at all, huh - should I stay or should I go blogging? I kicked the urge to go and turn on the computer, though. Papa came in time for dinner and was regaled with today's happenings.

He's so proud of the kids, they are to get surprises tomorrow. I wanted to ask, how about me, I was also a good mom today! Of course, I wont tell him about my test (thought he might just read it here), he might just give me a surprise kick on the butt, hehe!!

And my sweet reward for unblogging today? IC, already sleepy, whispered in my ears 'mama, I had a lovely time today, we must do it again tomorrow.' Heartbreaking, sniff!


ScroochChronicles said...

I got a 55%. Fair enough :)

raqgold said...

congrats for the 55%! i might do the test again later, hehe!

Liza on Maui said...

sniff, sniff ...
I probably would have the same result as yours. I too probably need to un-blog (for a day :)

raqgold said...

hi liza, sniff,sniff too :-)