Monday, July 2, 2007

Shoe Fetish

Who would think that my five year old would start early with having shoe fetish? I mean, I love shoes and I have around 20 pairs of them (including the slippers and pambahay), and yet I think I need a new rubber shoes and am thinking of buying clogs -- do you think she inherited this from me? Seriously, I dont think having a shoe fetish is an inherited trait. I am sure that it is a woman's prerogative, hahaha! A true woman is strong emotionally yet weak when it comes to fashion, that's my point of view when I am going shopping, at least.

Anyway, MC had to choose between two pairs of sandals, one is pink and the other is dark pink (oh well, little girls and pink). It goes well with the pink dress she had on (pink again!). What happened after a few minutes of deliberation? She chose the red pair of birkenstocks which she usually use as house shoes! We needed to catch the train, so no more discussion. But a few seconds of leaving the house, she recognized the futility of having the house shoes on. Walking is a problem, and running? Barefoot is better. I hurried her back to the house, and she ended up with her light pink rubber shoes with glitters (strike three for pink). Sigh, and she's only five years old. This is the girl of four who told me, 'mama, dont sell these pair of boots to ebay, I want to wear them when I grow up.'

Girls -- when you buy a new dress, wouldn't you immediately be on the look out for a nice pair of shoes to match? Or when you found the right pair of shoes, would you need the coordinating dress? Admittedly, both reasonings are an inducement to shopping, but I also have my limit. I always push my shopping button only when the sale season is on. The red tags are my visions gleee. Because I am a bargain hunter, through and through.


ScroochChronicles said...

Kikay naman. Bagay sila ni Gaby..they both like pink. Everything has to be pink! Hayy..

Anonymous said...

Not me. I always go for a pair of shoes na pwede kahit anong kulay ng damit which is black hehe!

And I am the type of person who values things a lot haha! Na tipong yung kelangan ng palitan kaya ko papalitan. :p

raqgold said...

s - naku, pink with glitters are top talaga

m - congratulations for you restraint, mitch. i always try, but the mind is weak, arrgh! anyway, masaya naman mga kapatid ko kasi pamana, hehe.

Liza on Maui said...

Funny, I was thinking about blogging on this same topic one of these days - my daughter loves shoes :)

raqgold said...

liza - they start early ano, haha!