Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's a toilet?

Photo: in the choo-choo train

Wikipedia stated that a toilet, loo, lavatory or WC is a plumbling fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of the bodily wastes. The word "toilet" can be used to refer to the fixture itself or to the room containing the fixture, especially in British English. In North American English, the word "toilet" refers solely to the fixture itself and not to the room that contains it, thus asking for the "toilet" would seem indecent. Instead, they call them the bathroom, restroom, washroom or men's room or ladies' room are preferred.

In the Philippines they are called comfort rooms, usually abbreviated to CR, or in Tagalog, banyo; n Germany 'klo' or 'toilette'. In our household, we call it the choo-choo train, the concentration can, the break time room, the reading corner, the unlockable door, etc. -- the name changes. Here's why:

Choo-choo train it would be when one of the kids' would need to use the toilet. One of them would be on the toilet seat and the other one would then haul a chair in front of it to create a choo-choo train. They would be playing together, complete with sounds and station stops, until I am called inside to wash the po. Then the choo-choo train's passengers would have reached their destination.

Concentration can when it is papa's turn. When the kids' ask for papa and he's in the toilet, we would answer, 'sshh, papa must concentrate.' He doesnt want to be disturbed.

The reading corner because we got piles of books and magazines on the nearby stand near the toilet seat; you can grab them easily. We have an assortment of kiddie books, Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest, car magazines, bank magazines, newspapers, circulars, and books. They would stay in there until.. ho-hum.

The break time room when I needed to take a break from tantrums or to to cool down when my temper is near flaring point. Period.

And the unlockable door for our guests who would find out in dismay that we dont have any key to the door and protect their private business. Hmm, dont get turned off from visiting us though, the switch outside lights up when the toilet light is on.

Really, a toilet could mean a lot of things!


Anonymous said...

reading in the CR, ahhhh gone are the days....

Anonymous said...

The toilet is my reading corner but my doctor has been telling me to stop seating long in the toilet because it's making hemorroids worse.

Your daughters have lovely curly hair.

raqgold said...

geri -- since the girls are 3 and 5 now, we can spend reading time in the toilet AGAIN!

KK -- the doctor is actually right. but my secret is, i hide in the toilet to read longer; not really to use it. i put the cover, make myself comfortable and read awhile, there is a longer chance of not being disturbed, hahaha. about my kids' curls, i dont really know where they got them.