Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Got My Harry Potter

The most awaited book came out finally -- Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. Fans all over the world started counting down the seconds, lined up outside their favorite bookstores either before midnight or early in the morning.

I started reading blogs about it upon waking up. And now it is my turn :-) I have a pre-ordered one from since february this year, they have a special offer for only 18.90 euro (regular price 28.90 euro) and no postage cost!

Around 3 pm, my husband saw the postman's truck arriving and warned me, 'Harry Potter is coming.' The postwoman rang the bell. IC volunteered to open the door thus it was after a few minutes for her to reach it. The postwoman decided to push our tenants' bell, thinking we are not home. Then when she saw me opening the door she explained her decision 'I am sure this is a Harry Potter book and was thinking you might want to have your book now. Oh, I have already delivered a lot of Harry Potter books today.' I smiled and said thank you.

I yelled to my husband that I indeed, have the book. He simply laughed out loud. But first I need to take a photo of the book, before I blog about it. And a confession to make: I actually have the whole Harry Potter series but have stopped reading on the third book :-) I dont really know why!

Now I got to go back to my choiced reading now, Nighttime Is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark.


Anonymous said...

i am amazed at how the source (like amazon) are able to have the book delivered, just in time, not ahead of schedule.

my monica was almost through reading hers a while ago, but she had a party to attend--she even brought the book with her.

Anonymous said...

HP fan ka din pala?

Btw, you're tagged!

raqgold said...

sexymom -- i would think the post office and amazon are really a great team. i dont think i would be reading the 7th HP yet though. i plan to read again the first book then the second book, in that order.

mitch -- i am an all book fan, hehe! with all the hype about HP, i just needed to have them, too. i am finished with your tag!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Few blogs I visited this week are posting about HP. I have not read any of the HP books but I love the movies :) So what happens after the last book? The end na talaga?

raqgold said...

i havent watched a movie for the last six years, hehe. i plan to re-read the whole series muna.