Sunday, July 8, 2007

Eating Outs!

Fran Lebowitz, US writer and humorist, said 'ask your children what he wanted for dinner only if he's buying.' If you didnt find it funny, then you are a mom.

Let's dicusss the most common restaurant scene: McDonald's. I mean, how many times have we found ourselves in front of a McDonalds counter; only to discuss loudly and repeatedly, I limit it now to about 10 minutes (this could go longer until closing time of McDo, if I let them) for the right Happy Meal menu. This, despite the fact that the kids would only eat french fries and chicken nuggets, and please, dont forget the toy that comes with the 'cool' happy meal bag.

Okay, after finding a seat right in the middle of the kiddie section of McDonald's -- who would end up eating most of the french fries and chicken nuggets? Mom, of course. Because the kids wont even get to really use the seats. The seats are just the bouncing point, they bounce; found their point of play interest, and go.

Naturally, here follows again the calls and threats 'to eat their food or we'll have to go'. Then another one hour of waiting -- kids going back and forth -- to the playpen and to our table. With strings of french fries dangling on their mouths or almost choking up on a whole piece of nugget or spilling their cola all over the floor -- summing up a really sticky situation. Sometimes I wonder if we would have to take off our shoes to leave the kiddie place, to avoid being stuck up with the gooey sticky spills. Which I wouldnt want to do just imagining stepping on piles of squashed french fries and left over nuggets, yikes! Should I bring a plastic shoe protection for next time, hmm!

While the kids are in their ecstacy in motion, me, the mom, not wanting the food to go to waste and since french fries is best eaten warm; have gobbled up the whole happy meal. And now, a warning -- please dont disturb me, I am busy making points with the sponge bob game box, which I blissfully found inside the happy meal box. Ahh, the glory of eating outs!

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