Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Campers are Back!

Photos: The kids gamely got themselves stuck between piles of sleeping bags in the backseat; the last day of camp.

We were supposed to stay for 3 nights and 4 days at Odenwald Camping, but we had to reluctantly go back a day earlier when we woke up on a Friday morning and the cold wind greeted us. Everybody was getting ready for the forecasted rain, actually.

Instead of hemming and hamming, do we stay or do we go, which I really hate, I simply moved to end camping for that morning. I hurriedly asked my hubby to cook breakfast while I started folding, sorting, packing and loading things in the car. We had our breakfast of scrambled eggs, canned meat, bread, butter and smoked ham; then had black tea to wash them down.

The kids wanted to stay, despite being warned of the rain. I agree with them, it would be an adventure. But I also agree with my husband's thinking: we should go home with fond memories of camping, especially for the kids. We dont really know what would happen when it rained: would we get washed out and kick ourselves for staying or would we be getting fine drizzles and enjoy the adventure? Better be safe than sorry. And better start when we are still dry! We did promised to the kids that we would definitely be back soon.

The kids helped, and though we fought with our unclear ways on how to fold and store the tents and the sleeping bags; we left an hour after breakfast. The kids took some anti motion sickness homoepathy balls, both of them this time. No more shadows of us left in our camping area, we can go. But before that, I had to give away our tomatoes to a neighboring family who loaned us their wine opener. And our next door neighbor from Holland was piling their clothes and sheets out in the open, it turned out they had quietschy visitors that night. Mice dugged a hole through their tent and proceeded to bite their way through dirty clothes, used sheets, etc. Arrgh, boy, I am happy to go!

We had to stop at the reception to pay and another detour at the swimming pool just to show IC that nobody is going swimming in that weather, really!

We were on our way home at 12 noon. The kids, who seemed to forget that they just had breakfast, whined that they were hungry. I hushed them up with cookies that I also started munching on. My husband then laughingly said we would stop in a restaurant near the river soon. We did, too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raq,
Thanks for sharing your camping trip, sorry for having to cut it short. Your little ones look so adorable.