Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Do you remember playing jackstones as a kid? (More photos of MC and IC playing jackstones ) Oh boy, I almost forgot the thrill of the bouncing ball and the tinkling sound of the ten jackstones when scattered.

I was fiddling with my sack of goodies yesterday, trying to find small gifts for my 'graduating class' of 14 pre-schoolers (I voluntered to hold a playtime English course in the kindergarten); when I found this small sack filled with the jackstone set.

I forgot my search for treasures because I wanted to share to my kids the joy of this play. Too excited to really listen to the instructions on how to play, I gave both kids first enough time to enjoy the feel of the pieces. I chose my little surprises for the class and decided to tidy up before resuming the real game.

And thus here goes -- the rules of the jackstones game. As I remember it, correct me if am wrong, please. Find a place where you have enough space, where the surface is flat and the ball can bounce. Hold the stones in your closed fist and lighty scatter them around. With the ball in your hand, let it bounce; get one stone in time to catch the ball again. This would go on until you have all the stones. Then you would have to start again with getting two stones at a time; proceeding to three until you would need to scoop all ten pieces.
Take note: you would have to give up the play to another person if you didnt catch the ball; and avoid touching the stones, or else the round is also out for you.

When you reach ten, the exciting thing begins -- the exhibition. Gosh, I dont know how to explain these things. I cannot remember the names of the exhibitions but I have an idea. And they are all tickling my funny bones. I would have to practice them first and will try to get back to you :-)

The kids meanwhile are having fun. MC had already succeeded in catching the ball while getting a stone. But she would need to practice more to reach the exhibition part. I refuse to show her this tricky part or else she would be too excited to concentrate on the basics first. IC is contented with playing with a bigger ball; she actually ended up playing shoots, hehe!

The past puffed: I can see my co-employees in U-Freight Phils. lining up to play jackstones. Yes, even the rugged, 'kanto'-types estivadors and drivers wanted to have their turn. We played during break times and even stayed late after work; for jackstones. The most fun I had was the creation of new exhibitions -- I love the body movements and the acrobatic styles! We only stopped playing when the ball got lost in the neighboring glassy acre.

Thus remembering, I asked a friend to send us one more jackstones pack and a new chinese jackstones. We might just start a trend here.


Anonymous said...

Magaling ako dyan hehe!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaah i remember playing that game! i'm really good at it! i like most the "cave" part.. ahihihihi! nice blog mama !

Joanne T

raqgold said...

mitch, would love to play again, too.

joanne -- how about a game next visit? now i remember one of the exhibition, thanks for the cave, hehe!

Anonymous said...

I love playing jackstones. I even play inside our bathroom (it is squeaky clean and the floors are dry) so I don't have to go after the ball should it roll far from me. I can't do jump ropes and chinese garters so jacks it is for me, :)

raqgold said...

jackstones is a fun game, even if you're alone! hmm jump ropes and chinese garters, when we were in elementary we use our uniforms' garters for that, haha!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Madalas akong mapagalitan nyan ng mother ko dahil nangingitim ang medyas ko. Naghuhubad akong sapatos para makatalon ng mataas sa tinikling. :p

raqgold said...

same here, mitch! kahit na bigat ng palda ko, pero kapag nakamedyas lang, may i jump pa rin ako.

Anonymous said...

oooh, good old childhood memories! :) When my Mateo gets older I'm going to teach him how to play jackstones too, hehe! Nevermind if he's a boy ;)