Monday, July 16, 2007

Warm Weekend

The good weather that everyone's been waiting for finally happened last weekend. It was a warm weekend. We were planning to stay in the garden all day.

But before that, household check first. It was papa's turn to clean the house but when he went down the basement, he was upset to find maggots crawling from the garbage bin into the basement room. They reached the freezer and the cooler, too. Since my husband is very meticulous when it comes to food and cleanliness; he didnt get out the basement before everything was under control. Boy, I am glad he is the mister clean in the family.

He sprayed and scrubbed and hosed down the area -- and even carried items from the basement outside; to make sure that nothing's left. He left the offending garbage bin in the farthest corner of the garden; away from the basement this time. It was the hot weather combined with the garbage bin-filled fruits and veggies rest, that we consume in tons, that attracted the maggots. Yikes!

During the time that my hubby spent down in the garden; I decided to help him a little by vaccuming the upper floor of the house. And of course, I had to tidy up the house, esp the kids' toys. Or else he would end up unscrewing the vaccum cleaner more than once just to check what caused that 'funny sound'.

The kids', meanwhile, have found a playmate. I joined them in the garden with my books and magazines and helped them create their fun park for the day. The wadding pool was taken out of the storage and filled with water. The dancing flower danced with water around them. The picnic blanket, placed under the shades of the beach umbrella, offered breaktime with freshly sliced fruits. The sandbox is ready. The small garden set is set up. The Snow White house is clean. I sat in my quiet corner and tried to read and write some. And wondered if not having a laptop is a boon or a bane :-) It is not easy to write long hand when you are used to the keyboard!

The kids come to me once in a while for more food, some drinks and the ice cream breaks. Papa worked the house to blinding cleanliness thus we had to stay outside. And as a reward for my hubby's hardwork, we had a barbecue dinner in the garden.

Actually, the decision is good; the house can stay clean longer. And I can relax, after all, men are the grill masters, right? The kids, already too tired; simply wanted to sit on the swing. Though I created a nice sleeping area for them under the shaded area by using the cushions from the garden chairs and the towels. I even took time to read for them. Dinner went smoothly after that.

Late at night, MC was a bit hot. Around 38.1 degrees, not yet a fever but for her with a hereditary spherocytosis; it is already something to watch out for. She slept early.

Next day, she's still warm but only 37.8; we let her stay in bed though as she's complaining of a stomacheache, usually an indication that her spleen is reacting to her condition. It is a bit thick, as my husband later told me. He knows how to feel this because MC's doctor showed him the proper way. I guess the warm weather was too much for her yesterday, too.

Scrapping our plan to go swimming, we ended finding something to do in the house. My husband went around looking for something to repair; and found one or two loose cabinet drawers. The kids played and drawed. I got to work (meaning am in front of the computer).

When it was not so warm in the balcony, we stayed outside and decided to serenade the whole neighbor with the kids' action songs. We were loudly singing and gesturing when suddenly MC's nose gushed with blood. I run to get a bunch of tissues and called on the papa. IC, already used to this, already know her duty -- to provide her sister the tissues as needed. I placed a cold towel on her nape and got an ice cube to pat on her nose.

The nose bleed stoppped after a few minutes. The kids were playing again, as if nothing happened. But Monday is already decided - MC would stay at home. Therefore, IC would want to stay, too. I had to go overtime with my reading and posting last night. But I managed...


Anonymous said...

Ang cute naman nila, mga naka-2 piece! ;-)

Christianne said...

Maggots, yuck. I would make my husband clean that up too :D

Ang ganda ng play area nila sa garden, I want to play there too. We had good weather din the past two days but today's overcast and gloomy again.

raqgold said...

mitch -- cute tingnan ang two piece sa kids ano?

christianne - that's a husband's duty according to us, haha! if you have plans to visit germany, why not come and play, too!