Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Surprise

Early morning today, I was on my way down to the basement to start the washing machine running, when I looked out the door and saw this bag of chalk between the front door and the flower pot.

I was able to read the written message 'LB Gruesse von Hajo A.' (Greetings from Hajo A.) I yelled to the kids to come and see a surprise for them. They both ran and tried to pry open the door and was at once frustrated because the door was still double locked.

I unlocked the door and told them that they dont have to bring the chalks inside the house as it is only to be used outside. They nodded, and just pushed the bag right beside the front door. That surprise already made their day. Thanks to our friendly neighbor, Hajo A.

My husband informed me then that Hajo had already asked him if the kids are allowed to play with chalks. In which he replied:'they love to draw and it wont do any lasting damage to the asphalt/tiles as the rain would wash it away, too.' Thus, the kids got fresh supply of chalks.

The thing is, these surprises landing on our front door are not rare occurrences. Sometimes there would be balloons tied in our front door handles or balls lying within the plants in our flower pots, or books pushed in our mailboxes -- we know the origin of most of them, thru notes left on them or because of the brands. And we always ask, to confirm and for the kids to say thank you. But we are always careful when food are left behind; no questions asked, we simply throw them away. Even if still wrapped or they look undisturbed to our eyes; as we told our friendly and generous neighbors -- we would rather be safe than sorry. So now, when food is the surprise, our neighbors just ring the bell.

Of course, earlier on, the kids would have violent reactions when we do that, protesting in tears. But slowly, they are beginning to understand that food left outside is also like accepting food from strangers. That means, verboten!

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