Friday, July 6, 2007

Bela Italia

A visit from my sister in law and her husband brought us this belated birthday gifts (my husband and I are both June borns). Except for the orchid, the whole gift box is overflowing with delicacies from Italy. The list includes:

- a bottle of Proseco
- a bottle of extra virgin olive oil
- a bottle of pickled olives
- two packs of pasta
- a box of cappuccino cream biscuit
- a bag of grissini
- a pack of rolletti cookies
- a bag of amarettini cookies
- an assortment of antipasti
- a box of mortadella
- two packs of maxi gnocchi
- a piece of salami
- two packs of panna cotta al cafe

Therefore, we would be having an Italian feast this weekend! Buon Apetito!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Belated Happy Birthday to you and your husband. Great gifts you have there. Enjoy!

raqgold said...

h of r - thanks a lot for the greetings and for dropping by, too!