Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Papa is Learning

Surprise - a word that tickles the kids to heavenly excitement. Especially when it comes from papa's mouth. When papa promised them a surprise for a work done or a very good behavior or sometimes just because -- the kids wont be able to sleep. They would toss and turn, asking almost every second, 'what would the papa buy for us tomorrow?'

Of course, the next day's first question upon opening their eyes (sometimes even when their eyes are still closed) would be -- 'what time would the papa come home?'

I do call to remind my hubby to buy the presents or else. Most of the time, he would fulfill his promise. When not, mom to the rescue. I have this box full of small gifts, for just in case scenarios. I would have to pull out something from my secret treasure box at home. I would then put the things outside where the kids wont see them, but where the papa wont miss them.

Surprises are okay. The thing is, the papa splurges. Like last week, he asked the kids if they both wanted skateboards. Apparently, he saw them on sale in one department store. The kids shook their heads; and I gaped at him. What is he thinking? MC has yet to master in-line skating and IC had to be urged to use her rollers and/or her training bike. And now, skateboards!

Actually, he wanted to assemble a go-kart for the kids, but I vehemently said no to that. I think as a former car race driver, he's got dreams of one of his kids following his footsteps. I have no problems with that, but he must let the kids decide. If the kids expressed interest, then and good. Since the go kart plan was scrapped, he went ahead and bought the kids battery operated rides - one car and one motorbike. Not so appaling, as he got them second hand from our dentist, at a very wallet-friendly price.

Yesterday, he again promised the kids a surprise each. He asked me if he should get the skateboards or what type of Barbie he should get. I finally had a go on him, I told him to stop splurging and spoiling with such items. The kids would be also be too happy to receive hair clips or bath colors or colored pens or coloring books -- something running in those directions. After sheepishly looking at me, he finally got my drift.

He came home with hair clips for both -- a Pippi decor for IC which she accepted with gleeful shrieks; and a pink glittery crown decor for MC which she took with a happy smile. I caught his eyes and gave him a thumbs up sign. Good job, papa.


ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Raqgold!! How generous naman ni Papa. I agree with you, presents are a great way to pamper the kids but there should be a limit. It's a great idea to have that "box" you have. At least may mahuhugot ka at short notice. However, I believe that giving items of value should be reserved for special occasions. Or even for exemplary performance. Kasi baka mawili din :)

raqgold said...

scrooch, you are again right. kaya nga i am putting a break on ma hubby's generosity esp since lumalaki na ang mga girls ano, they might get used to it. why dont you start your own treasure box, too. i always got to fill it in kapag may on sale sa small items, hahaha.