Monday, July 9, 2007

When it rains...

We all know the phrase, 'when it rains, it pours.' In the past years that I've been a stay at home mom, these phrase is only synonymous with sickness or tantrums or anything else that would create repetitive chaos to our trying to be another normal household.

Yet this afternoon, I can use the same phrase in another scenario -- I am thinking, activities or actions or ok, let me be direct about it --- jobs. Whoah! In just a few seconds, I was overwhelmed with offers to fill up my time that I almost disorbited from my pure mommy world. I mean, there are job opportunities out there! (Notice I said job, not career) It is raining and really pouring.

Let me tell you, whenever I thought about working; my first thought would be 'not yet'. The kids are still too small, who would take care of them, who would do the household chores, who would iron the clothes, wash the laundry, cook the meals, who, who! Enough said. The list could go on. I have a lot of excuses not to work simply because I am home worked, after all. (Making commercials, hehe!)

But it doesnt feel like I would be needing excuses not to work anymore.

The first acts of working came via my high school batch group site late last year. I ended up being involved with the preparation for our 25th reunion which would be in 2011. I guess, that was because I really had time. I was almost always present on the site and in the chat room. And also because, that was the period when I was really looking for some human touch; hoping for some social life outside of being a mom and wife. Ironic that I got the human touch via the internet. My social life thrived within the chat rooms and the human touch thru the updated stories and memories in the group site. (I also found, with great disbelief, that a friend's been living here with her family for such a long time now -- they live just an hour's drive away!)

Then since my husband's been voted as the chairman of the parent's council in kindergarten, we have both been busy with special projects; (It is safe to say 'we' as I am the 'volunteer' secretary for my husband, being the one always there in kindergarten) especially the forthnightly bake for charity. I need not only bake, but most of the times, be there to sell them, too.

Then, after planning it for almost a year, I finally pushed through with the volunteer English course in kindergarten this April. Although it would be finished this month, the course would go on for the next year's pre-schoolers.

I have also gotten involved with Pinoy Moms Network; as an advanced member, writing for the site. I also need time for research to be able to come up with useful articles for the two sections that I have signed up with. I am really glad, though, that I am a part of the PMN family. Another virtual social life and human touch.

And then just this afternoon, while a mom was asking me if I could provide the neighboring kindergarten my service for the English course; the managing director of the kids' gymnastics club interrupted our conversation; she pleadingly asked me to join them as one of the gymnastic club's department heads. Actually, I was more moved by the lady's tears -- I am aware that they have been looking for someone to take over as head in two departments. They have been searching for a long time now. Nobody wants to take the job.

And why should I? I might just take the job and get on with all the seminars to make me qualified, but I know in my heart that I am just doing it because I pity her. She wanted me because she know how game I am -- I love joining in and I do have fun; but as a department head? I dont know. I might miss out on the fun part.

Now I came home with all these things ringing in my ears. I am excited for the opportunities but I know, I must weigh my decision.

My husband was telling me that he would prefer that I keep the English course; he thinks that I am much suited for that. He warned be that being a department head for a club would not only involve the department that I would be in, but; it would also mean joining the weekend sports activities, the meetings, the filling in for a sick or on a holiday colleague.

Dont I know that? But I only wanted to help. Hear I go again, taking it all to heart, thinking that I alone can change the world. Anyway, I know that I am pushing with the English course. As for the club's offer; I have six months to think about that, though I would have to attend the seminar next month already, if!

I really need to think, yet, it is still pouring! I cannot hear myself thinking.


Liza on Maui said...

I'm parying for wisdom in this hard decision you have to make....

raqgold said...

hi liza -- thanks a lot, i needed that :-) i believe in the power of prayers, too.