Monday, July 30, 2007

Divided Chores

My 5 year old daughter and her papa braved the rain and hiked to opa's mountain garden late yesterday afternoon. The urgency is because we have no more fruits at home; and because there are simply enough to be harvested up there. I am too lazy, I begged off while my youngest daughter insisted on driving, which is a no-no because papa just cleaned the car that day, too.

IC began to change her mind when she heard the door closing, she wanted to join them. I distracted her by offering to bake some muffins with her. So, while we were both busy mixing and pouring and baking at home; the other half of the family were engrossed in hiking, plucking, and picking.

The muffins were done in less than an hour, IC already chomped down two pieces when papa and MC came home bearing two big baskets of veggies and fruits. I am glad to see them dry, apparently, they were right in front of oma and opa's gate when it started to pour. They took a rain break there.

Both kids proudly presented their surprise gifts to each other for the day: IC gave her sister a muffin saying she baked this specially for her, MC gave IC a funny-shaped dawson plum saying she picked it up specially for her. I gave my husband a quick hug and a wet smack for letting me stay at home; and he playfully slapped my butt for being so lazy.


Heart of Rachel said...

Your youngest knows how to drive? How old is she?

I admire how your family's loves fresh veggies and fruits. Talking about fresh, we had some Japanese corn harvested yesterday and I'm eating one right now. :)

It's nice that your family enjoy baking and eating the freshly baked goodies you make at home.

Heart of Rachel said...

Too late, I already hit the Publish button. I wanted to edit my earlier comment. Anyway, pardon my earlier question about your daughter driving. Silly me. :) I understand now that she wanted to go their by car (with her dad driving it). What was I thinking? :)

raqgold said...

that's what i miss - the fresh asian veggies and fruits, oh yeah, cant have all :-)

you know what, it was a turn around for me, these home baked goodies, i normally seek those store-baked ones but since european taste are difft than american ones, i had to bake them myself. i noted you love cheesecakes, i love them too but they bake those things difft from what i am used back home, for example.

as for driving, kids here can start at 3 years old in joining kiddie race cars/motorbikes, so your question is not silly at all.