Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ma and Pa's Night Out

Photos: 1- Papa's hair style 2 - Mama's beauty experts

Finally, we're treating ourselves to a couple's night out, after at least two years of having only family dates.

We had dinner. The kids' were bathed and already in their pajamas. While waiting for the kids' babysitters (my sister in law and her husband); I got ready for a hot 'date'. The kids were more exited than me though, MC even screamed, 'mama, I will help to make you more beautiful.' Who told them I would need to dress up tonight? I had to scrap my plan to play it casual with a pair of pants and a blouse. The kids helped to choose mama's attire: a nice bustier and not-so-mini dress in black and cream. I anticipated a cool night, (this is an open air show in a castle ground) so I brought with me a cream bolero and a black shawl.

Then MC searched inside her treasure chest for some 'jewelries'. And waited impatiently because she wanted to do my hair style, too. After applying lipstick and a bit of blush on; I gave up my hair style's faith on my 5-year old daughter's hands. She brushed my hair and tried to put a violet ribbon; but since my hair is still too short -- we compromised; she added a bit of hair cream and let my hair go. But I must accept the bracelet (it is actually a hair accessory, in burgundy); and a cream necklace (another hair accessory). I did put them on, of course.

Meanwhile, 3-year old IC also did papa's hair style, using a hair pin with a mouse. Papa looks good, mama, too -- they were both beaming! Considering their jobs done, the girls asked us to twirl and pose in front of them. Not contented, they took our hands and danced with us -- round and round we went until I had to beg them to stop. Fortunately, the 'babysitters' came.

MC immediately proudly presented me to my sister in law and her hubby, 'here is my mama.' They tried to hide their grin when they saw my husband's hair clip and my 'jewelries' ; I had to shush them to silence so as not to offend the kids. And so, after some hugs and kisses, the clock for mama and papa's night out started ticking. Before we drove off, we removed our kid's marks on us though, the hair clip and the hair accessories as jewelries.

We had a great time at the comedy show. The comic was very spontaneous and really funny; he also reacted to the kids in the audience; sacrificing his green jokes by explaining it in a very sensitive and round about manner that brought the house down. We used the show's break to go around the castle's ground and it's massive garden; exploring it hand in hand.

Going home before 11 pm, we walked past the bustling city life on a late Friday night. I threw a longing look; remembering those fun late nights in earlier times. Shaking off the urge to stay a bit, I dragged my husband home. We had to remind ourselves to garb us with our kids' stuffs thought, just in case they are still awake! With the thoughts of the kids, my lust for a 'longer, hotter' date was suddenly forgotten.


Christianne said...

Haha! I suppose you can't post a picture of your husband with his hair clip.

Glad you had a great time. You should do this once a month, at least!

raqgold said...

hi christianne -- am crossing my fingers that we can escape more! my hubby loved his hair clip, too!

Christianne said...

Oh, for some reason the pictures didn't load kanina! I see them now. Cute ng hair clip and you look great!

raqgold said...

hehe, galing ng hair do ni papa ano? thanks for the compliment, i told the kids, too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the hair clip on your husband's hair..

Glad you were able to enjoy spending time together. :)

ScroochChronicles said...

Love the hair clip!! I will try that on my husband. Wait, wala pala siyang hair. Hahaha. Hey, good to know you still make time for each other. Sometimes, we get so immersed in being Moms nakakalimutan na natin maging Wife. Sa uulitin :)