Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Weirder...

I wouldnt want my weirdness to miss their blog spot, so though tagged the second time) I am playing again with Rowena.

1. Whenever I use a public toilet, I use loads of toilet paper to cover the whole toilet seat; if toilet paper rolls are not available, I am always ready with a box of tissue.

2. I am the faucet police. I always go around the house checking if all the faucets are properly turned off, actually even in public toilets :-) I cant bear the dripping sound, plus, we need to save water!

3. The kids must wash their hands before and after eating; and also everytime they arrive home from kindergarten, from the garden, basta everytime they come in from playing outside!

4. My wonderful skin allergies (rashes) occur when there's a change of weather, when I eat chicken, crabs, shrimps, scallops; when I'm exposed to the European sun (I say European sun because when I am in Asia, the rashes is nowhere!).

5. I dont usually try on clothes, especially t-shirts and blouses, when I shop. And when they dont fit, I simply sell them in ebay! As for jeans or skirts, I use the waist is equal to neck principle: you take the waist of the jeans or skirt, hang it around your neck, when it fits, I buy!

6. When I dont have my eyeglasses on, I expect not to see, and HEAR clearly.

7. I still get this thrill in knowing that I am already 38 years old -- I am still as playful as when I was 8, huh!

8. Lizards give me goose bumps, yikes!!

Now let me throw the ball of weirdness to anyone at all who wants to share. Let me know though, okay?


Anonymous said...


I simply hang my butt on the air in public restrooms then wipe the seat if I drip.

It's a good practice to wash their hands from kindergarten.

Yep, that's weird not trying on the clothes before buying. And it's good to be playful even if you are not a child anymore.

Anonymous said...

Re #5: LOL! Okay, I used to measure jeans like that. When I first went shopping here people looked at me funny hehe.

btw, can I link you? thanks!

raqgold said...

hey KK - how about sharing your weirdness, too? let me know, am curious!

momoftwo - haha, boy, am glad to know am not alone! link me, it's my pleasure!

ScroochChronicles said...

Okay yun #6, weird talaga. I love ebay!! Aabangan ko nga yung mga discards mo :)

Wenchie said...

Hi Raquel, thanks for doing the tag. Naku ang weird mo din pala, pareho tayo (same with using tons of tissue when using a public toilet).