Friday, July 6, 2007

Random Thoughts

- It is amazing how I can be so resolute in keeping my blogging into a minimum. I can do it after all. No need to keep the computer on, the whole day, in fact, am just warming up now, at 10 p.m.!
- I finally learned how to create a link. Slowly but surely, I am learning. Patience is the key and lots of clicking, too.
- I dont look good blonde, natural is 'in'. MC as a blondie? Hmm, better as natural. Found this out because we both tried on a blonde wig today.
- I have been getting flyers and circulars that I am a 'millionaire' or that 'I am a winner'; if only I dont see the same flyers and circulars being thrown into our neighbors mailboxes, too. I can dream on, though.
- I was served a warning from a lawyer for not paying a bill -- in a service that I am not even aware of. I am not taking it seriously, there a loads of jokers wanting money after all. It is good to know also that we covered by a 'legal costs' insurance.
- My husband brought home the photos that are decorating his office desk. When asked he simply said not really joking: 'I might not go back to work anymore.' Hmm, what does it mean. I know that he is not happy with his job and the higher ups these past months, but we agreed for him to take it slowly. Now, if the job is really pulling him down to the pits, I would support his decision. I have been praying that he'll find harmony again in his job and if not, that he would find something that would be right for him. Praying and hoping and meanwhile, getting on with life.
- MC wanted to try walking home alone, from kindergarten. This sudden burst of independence doesnt sit well with her papa though. Especially since she insists on bringing IC home with her, too. Uh-oh, I dont think we'll have peace of mind within those 10 mins it would take for the kids to reach the house. Not yet, at least.
- Tomorrow's the Bachgassenfest, a feast celebrating the oldest part of our city. When before it was only focused on kinderflohmarkt (kid's flea market), they have broadend its scope by inviting artists and clubs and variety of other profi sellers. I cant wait to start bargain hunting!

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