Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Photo: The girls enjoying a train ride

My husband had to take the car today to go to work because the train employees and workers are on strike -- nothing is really moving. This was reported to me by MC, while I was still half asleep. And then she explained to her sleepyhead mama,

'I heard this over the radio, mama. The train employees and workers dont want to work because they wanted to have more money. But how can they have more money if they dont want to work?' Uh, that last sentence woke me up. So I told her, 'you are right, huh.'

My nod encouraged her to go on, 'I think when the trains are not moving, the striking workers can clean the rails, too. Remember, the rails are too dirty,' she added. She sees almost everything. It is true that the rails are all spattered here and there with candy wrappers, broken glasses, rotten fruits, etc. These should be cleaned and hosed down. After all, these things can cause accidents, too.

Oh, the wisdom of kids.

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