Saturday, October 20, 2007

And What About You?

Who's spoiling the kids?

Yesterday, upon reaching the parking area of the first grocery stop:

Kids: 'Mama, we want to go inside, too. Do we get a surprise today?'

Papa: (Jokingly glancing my way.) 'Hmm, I noticed that Mama have spoiled you with surprises this past week. The bills I got stated you get more surprises than what Mama bought for the house.'

Mama: (Smiling) 'Hmp, dont say anthing now.'

A scene inside the supermarket: As I was busy ticking my list of things to buy, IC happily waved something in front of me, a Pippi Longstockings CD. And MC's got a big bag of gummi bears on her hand.

Mama: (Grinning wickedly) 'Hmm, Papa, what were you telling me just a few minutes ago? That I am spoiling the kids with too much surprises?'

Papa: (A bit shamefaced) 'Sei ruhig.' (Keep quiet)


auee said...

haha caught out... :-)

raqgold said...

auee, ang kulit kasi :D

MegaMom said...

hahahahahah.... I can so totally relate! Mga lalaki kasi, kunyari pa ayaw din nilang i-spoil mga anak nila, pero ayan bumibigay din!