Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween

Did you see what happened to the corn in our Halloween display? The birds got to it in two weeks! The even managed to drag it down, as the last photo shows. Anyway, am glad the poor birds got to feed.

So today is Halloween. My kids didnt realize it until I told them yesterday when I was cuddling with them in bed that tomorrow is Halloween! And what was their reaction? They wanted to stay in bed and sleep because they think the day would go faster when they did. I convinced them to go to kindergarten but they were too excited waiting for nightfall.

My husband was playing with the idea of bringing the kids to the Burg Frankenstein, but I convinced him to wait until next year.
The "Burg Frankenstein" is the original castle ruin that inspired Mary Shelley to her world famous novel "Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus" The annual Halloween Festival at Burg Frankenstein takes always place the last two weekends of October and the first weekend of November plus the Halloween day 31 October. It is an outdoor event inside the castle’s walls.
We've already visited the place one summer in 2004, but of course, it looks like a normal castle during that time. Next year might be the best time to attend the Halloween party, I hope that the kids would enjoy and not stay screaming the whole time we are there. Meanwhile, I have some lollies for the witches and ghosts and monsters that would be ringing the doorbell tonight.

Halloween is a new thing here in Germany but it is fast becoming a popular tradition. You know what they say here instead of 'trick or treat' they say, 's├╝sses oder saures' (sweet or sour). I dont know why though.


geri said...

Hi Raq, I have wondered how Halloween is celebrated in other western countries. Did your pretty girls dress up this year?

julie said...

Love your Halloween decorations, Raq. And LOL about the corn.

Here Halloween is the trend, like Eastern Sunday. I don't quite agree with these since I prefer teaching the children about Filipino traditions rather than borrowed ones. And yep, instead of celebrating these, we offer lighted candles and prayers during All Souls Day and go to Mass during Easter Sunday.

Have a great weekend :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raquel. Sorry haven't visited in a while. I like that nice stack of vegetables. I was supposed to say sorry about the corn but I agree, at least the birds were able to enjoy some worthwhile snack. :)

The Burg Frankenstein sounds like an interesting place worth visiting.

raqgold said...

hi geri - they dressed up but the accepted costumes here are those associated with the dark side like witches, ghosts and monsters...though IC chose a bee costume, hehe

julie - i would agree with you with keeping the tradition. i can only tell stories for the girls though i wanted them to experience it at home one of these years.

rach, i need to know if you won :D am gonna blog about that burg if we ended up there next year. though am a bit scared, hehe.