Monday, October 29, 2007

MC Wants a Tattoo

Although still a bit sleepy this morning, MC's wish for Christmas kicked me to full wakefullness. She wanted a tattoo!

I dont know how to react, what to say.

Good things she explained her wish further. 'Mama, did you know that D (her teacher in kindergarten) have a flower tattoo near her breasts? I like it, but she said she cannot take it out anymore. That is surely painful.'

Arrgh, this drives down the point on how powerful the influence of the people around the kids are. Imagine, she wanted one simply because her teacher, whom she adores, have a tattoo!

Then MC further said, ' I know I still have to wait a little longer to have a tattoo of my own. I would be six this December, by then I could decide.' Ooops, who told her she could have a tattoo when she's six? But, she's not yet finished...

'So now I am telling you, please buy me a toy tattoo machine for Christmas,' she ended with a pleading smile. And I heaved a sigh of relief.


noemi said...

my daughter wants angel wings tattoo at her WHOLE back. Not just a teeny tiny tattoo. it had to be the whole back. I am so upset at her plans. My first reaction was anger then I realized there might be an underlying reason for such a need. Your daughter is so young so maybe it's not that serious. Give her a fake sticker or something. Kids love to play with those tattoo stickers.

ScroochChronicles said...

Isn't it scary how our kids are strongly influenced buy people around them. I think that teacher should have known better than to display her tattoo to the kids. Not that I'm against it, but there are some things that you shouldn't expose to kids at such a tender age. Baka mamaya humihingi na ng nose ring yan..hahaha :)

Uuuy, parang I read somewhere na uuwi na kayo soon. True?

Christianne said...

Hahahaha! Buti na lang, toy tattoo lang ang gusto ni MC.

Annika's favorite teacher at her old daycare had a tattoo on her arm too. Baka kung nag-stay doon si Annika hanggang 5 years old siya, humingi din ng toy tattoos tulad ni MC:)

geri said...

One time I posted a in a fil-west forum about women and tattoos and I was very surprised how controversial the topic was. I am surprised how a lot of american men are conservative in this area.

Me, I don't have tattoos but was one time toying the idea of having one until the desire passed.

In case MC really wants the real thing tell her to wait until she's 18 (the magical number :). But at 6 years old that is a question that will jolt any moms to wakefulness talaga, haha

MarysMom said...

I have a tattoo on my back right shoulder so if my daughter, Mary, who is now 5 years old, would want one when she grows up, she can get one. As long as she can take the pain is my rule. Her dad says that as long as the tattoo is at a "covered" part of the body (at least 80% of the time- anywhere on the arms, legs are a no-no), it is fine with him too.
We have played around with the fake ones--- one time she had seven of them all over her body. I think, for her, these are the REAL tattoos. I'm hoping the novelty of it will wear off by the time she is a teenager and would not think of getting the painful kind.

Ami Dasig Salazar said...

My husband has a (big, black)tattoo on his left arm. Before I got married, I wanted to have one for myself. Buti na lang di natuloy. At least now, my daughters think tattoos are for men only. Although when they were younger, they scribbled in their arms and legs because they said they're imitating their dad.

Mixednuts said...

This is so true. Kids are influenced by the people they look up to and are around them regularly. Cute story though.

raqgold said...

noemi, i would have been upset too. but i guess you would know soon why she wants such a tattoo. sometimes they wanted to tell us something when they would introduce topics that would rattle us.

cookie, kids look up to people of authority. kaya we should be a bit careful of what we do or say or show them. a nose ring? arrrgh... uwi kami this feb. am making appointment with PMN moms soon :D cant wait!

christianne, awws- good thing she's not there anymore, hehe!

geri, i also toyed with the idea of a tatoo but changed my mind in the last minute. but a friend got one, and she said it's painful.. well, i dont want the pain, thanks!

marysmom, wow - you got one! i dont think i could take the pain...

amids, the kids do that too. minsan pa nga dots all over their faces, arrrgh!

mayi, kaya we should really be aware for the kids, di ba?