Monday, October 15, 2007

Kid-Friendly Church

The kindergarten kids were again, present during a thanksgiving celebration in the church two Sundays ago. This is actually a regular activity in kindergarten; joining the church in special celebrations. The kids were proud to show off their well practiced song and dance number, each time.

But what was really the highlight of that celebration was how kid-friendly the church was. The lady priest, noting that there were more kids and youngsters during that time, have prepared for an exciting hour.

She have selected a short story, and a small game, that would involve the rest of the congregation. Everybody participated with glee. And that was a real hit! And then for the really small ones, the church have spread a blanket full of toys, right in the front corner of the pulpit (see photo No. 2).

The celebration was held without a restless soul in sight. The kids were happy, the youngsters got to enjoy and the parents and grandparents went through the one hour mass relaxed.

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