Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mama, Look!

We've got a house guest, a peacock butterfly, who stayed for two days. At first, the kids were scared seeing this fluttering thing inside the house; but they cant resist the excitement when they saw the colorful wings. I told them to simply look and enjoy this beautiful creature.

We tried to bring it outside during the first day but it wont fly into the direction of the open windows. The kids wanted to shoo it away, but I told them, to let the butterfly relax, too. Well, they did. Both kids were for the first time, quiet for the longest hour, they wanted to just look. They admired the butterfly in silent wonder.

On the second day, MC asked her Papa to help it fly out of the window. She knows that for the butterfly to survive, we must bring it outdoors. I dont dare touching it, I am afraid that it would crumble between my fingers. It looks so gentle and so fragile.

It took a few minutes before my husband could successfully bring it out. It simply clung to him for a bit there. The kids were sad that the butterfly is gone; but they are hopeful that they would see it alive, real soon.

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