Sunday, October 14, 2007

PMN Corner: On Halloween, Sunscreens and Dining

Here is what we did to the kids' collection of squash and nuts (see photo). Check out PMN: Home and Garden's The Clever Housewife's Tip on Halloween Decors Mostly for Free.

At PMN: Fashion and Personal Style, my post is about sun protections; emphasizing that we need them not only for the summer season.
Fresh air is good but we must not forget that children should be protected from direct sunlight. We dont want our kids to have problems later in life because of excessive exposure to the sun, right? Read here.
And I talked about enjoying dining out with kids at PMN: Parenting, read here.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Fall decor Raq. I have to show my pumpkins too :) . Thank you for the wonderful edit job on my article. Have a great week!

raqgold said...

KK, that's the kids' creation. and you're welcome, you wrote a wonderful article..